Credit card is more popular than debit card nowadays because it is frequently marketed in different places like malls, banks and schools. Both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of financial benefits that you can receive as an owner. Almost all banks in the Philippines offer credit card as one of their products and one […]


Most ATM card owners probably don’t know that there’s a corresponding fee when you withdraw using the ATM of other Philippine banks. On the other hand, almost all banks don’t charge their customers when they withdraw using their own networks of ATM. In my opinion, every ATM owners should be properly informed about these fees […]


The following article is about the current events happening in Egypt. Specifically, it tells us what to expect in the future considering the current economic situation of the country with the new Egypt’s central bank governor. If you’re an OFW working in Egypt, this news may affect you in some way as banking and financial […]


Do you use Internet banking for your banking transactions such as paying bills and transferring money to other people? Internet banking  is one of the useful tools of personal finance because it allows you to monitor and manage you bank account easily and conveniently wherever you are in anytime you want. Almost all Philippine major […]

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It’s a good thing that opening a bank account is becoming more and more easy for common people and those who have no regular employment. A bank account is very important because it is one of the safest place where you can save money and at the same time earns interest from the money you […]


What are the benefits you can get from online banking? Almost all of the banks operating these days offer online banking to their customers as one method of banking. It changes how customers conduct their banking transactions. Online banking is also known as Internet, web and remote banking since it is a system of banking […]

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What is BancNet

by Gily Tenorio on July 17, 2012

in Banking

In the Philippines, there are several banking networks or groups that probably you have encountered before. If you are an employee for a certain company, I assume you have heard or read the word “BancNet”, “Megalink”, and “ExpressNet”. These stuffs are the popular banking networks in the Philippines that connects the ATM networks of one […]

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