Credit Card

The use of credit cards have always been attributed to convenience as a means of payment for goods and services albeit via electronic means. In contrast to paper money which bulks when stacked, a credit card’s value is defined by the number of credits its holder can spend which he or she borrows from the […]


Do you have a credit card or credit cards? When I was working in the Philippines and before going to Korea, I don’t have credit card because I don’t want to get even one. My thinking during that time is that credit card means a lot of debt. Actually, it is true. Once you use […]


Our family uses only one credit card and one debit card. before, we used to have two credit cards but the other one was already expired and I didn’t renew it because the bank wanted me to make a deposit of around 3,000,000 Korean Won (roughly US$2,800) in order for them to process my renewal application. […]

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I’m not against the usage of credit card because it is a great financial tool if use properly. However, it should be handled with care like a fragile glass because it will be broken if you carelessly use it. Your life will be “broken” too as a consequence. Many people are asking me through this […]


Bankard is a subsidiary company of RCBC that manages all of the credit card issued by the bank. Today, it is one of the largest credit card issuer in the country. Bankard issues MasterCard, Visa, CUP and JCB credit cards. Overview of RCBC Bankard Bankard has a long experience in the credit card industry in […]


Credit card debt is a common concern for many people who have not managed their finances as well as they could have or who are facing financial hardship due to the loss of a job or an unexpected emergency sapping funds. Credit card debt can be a real worry, but need not lead to bankruptcy. […]


Are you looking for some information on how to apply for a BDO credit card? Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m writing an article related to credit card and how to apply for one while I’m advocating financial education. Some articles in this blog is about credit card and debt. Personally, I’m not against credit card […]


Metrobank credit card is one of the services offered by Metrobank Philippines. When you apply for it, you can get the benefits of having one of the best credit cards in the country. A cardholder can enjoy the convenience of paying purchases even without cash. Types of Metrobank Credit Cards 1. Metrobank Visa (Gold and […]


BPI credit card is one of the best credit cards in the Philippines you can choose. When you are deciding to apply for one, you can see my tips on how to apply for a credit card by clicking the link. How to Apply for BPI Credit Card Applying a credit card is simple and […]


A credit card is a small and rectangular plastic card issued to cardholders as an alternative system of payment. It allows its holder to buy goods and services keeping in mind that he need to pay the bill before its due date. Paying anything is one of the secured ways of payment since you have […]