Do you really need a life insurance? Many people are in the dilemma of why to get a life insurance because they don’t know the importance of this kind of financial product.   I admit that I only lately realized the importance of having a life insurance. I’m blogging personal finance for quite sometime (5 […]


Investment thing is becoming popular through the years as financial literacy are going on a spotlight in the Philippines. Many TV programs and websites are focusing more on how to save money, invest the money you have and how to earn more money for future needs.   There are several ways on how to invest […]


After 2 years of choosing which insurance I will get, I have finally decided to get a Sun Life Maxilink Prime Variable Life Insurance. It is a life insurance coupled with investment product which is the distinction of VUL among the other types of insurance.   At first, I’m studying the possibility of getting a […]


This article is a guest post by Nicole So, a freelance writer, regular runner and a former backpacker. Her hobbies are writing, photography and traveling. Follow her escapades in google+. One trending privilege that almost all individuals have is insurance. But what are the factors we should take note of prior to getting one? But before […]


Last time, I made a post about the list of insurance companies in the Philippines. I’ve never thought before that there are many companies in this kind of industry. For this article,  I would like to discuss what are the types of insurance you can applied for. Do you know what will happen to you […]

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Lately, I’m looking for a good insurance company in the Philippines so I started reading blogs about insurance and the benefits you can get from it. I’ve never thought before how important life insurance is especially now I have my own family. Basically, insurance is bought by most people to provide money for their family […]