I want to update all OFWs out there that you can apply for your OEC through online application so you don’t need to go to POEA or its branch saving you lot of time and effort. I have done this twice now so you will know that it works and legitimate. It was also published […]


My daughter, Faith, was born in Korea on April 9, 2013. She was born in one of maternity hospital in Okpo, Geoje city, Gyeongnam, Korea. In order for her to travel to the Philippines from Korea, she needs a valid passport or travel document. It is best to apply for a passport because it is […]


How to Apply OEC Online

by Gily Tenorio on March 16, 2013

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Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC) is one  of the most important documents an OFW must have before leaving the Philippines to be able to work abroad. It is a piece of paper that guarantees you are a legitimate OFW. If you have been working abroad for a long time, I assumed you know that you will […]


Are you looking for procedures on how to renew your Philippine passport if you’re in the US? I hope this question would be answered in this article that I have published. A Filipino needs a valid passport when entering or traveling to the US. A passport is a mandatory requirement to be able to enter […]

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One of the most important documents a legal OFW must have before leaving the Philippines after vacation is his or her Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) which can be applied in any POEA offices and satellite centers nationwide. This new appointment system program of POEA is a good and convenient way of applying OEC for all […]


One of the benefits of working in South Korea is the National Pension Service (NPS) being paid to all legitimate employees of a company whether you are a Korean national or a foreigner. It is a government-mandated law to every company to give the employees a pension money after he retires or inability to work […]

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Is investing only for the rich? Or is it also for the common people like OFW and corporate employees? Perhaps, it is easier now to invest in the Philippines because of many available means of investing such as stocks, UITF, or mutual funds. However, investing may seems to be difficult for ordinary people who has […]


How an OFW can Save Money

by Gily Tenorio on June 26, 2012

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One dilemma that many OFW are facing aside from homesickness is the lack of saved money when they return to the Philippines. Most of them are not prepared going back due to the unexpected circumstances like job termination, sickness or war in the country they are working. I know majority of OFW don’t have a high income […]