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Thinking of a good business idea is not simple. Moreover, discerning a best business idea is more difficult than what it seems to be. Businesses are the life blood of the economy. Without it, a country will not survive and will soon fall. It is the reason why it is important that many people should […]

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The following article is a guest post by Joel Olave. He is an engineer and blogger based in the Philippines. He is formerly a life insurance agent and writes about personal finance in his blog – Pera ko ‘to ~ Invest in Your Future.   Now that the Philippine economy is showing signs of renewed […]


Are you looking for the best Christmas gift that you give to your wife, husband, kids, friends and loved ones? Is it difficult to decide which one to give? Christmas is just around the corner, 30 days to go it is Christmas day! Christmas, I believe, is the happiest and most celebrated event among the […]


With the recent news about Aman Futures established by Manuel Amalilio who scammed around 15,000 people, this is my way to help visitors and readers of this blog on how you can avoid being a victim of Ponzi scam. According to the news, this recent scam could be the biggest in the history of the […]


Sometimes, owning a big amount of money makes you clueless on what to do with it or where to use it. That’s why many instant millionaires spend so much of their money that they become poor again after several months or years have passed. They are not prepared with the big responsibility of owning a […]


Last time, I have published about the 5 worst money mistake that you should avoid and now it’s the other way around, I want to make a post about the 5 best money move that you can make. For all of you out there, I’m not a professional financial adviser. I am only a humble […]


All of us commit mistakes. Do you know a person who doesn’t commit errors or mistakes in their jobs, family or their own life? Personally, I don’t know such kind of person. In the same language, all of us are prone to money mistakes. It may cause us small amount of money or worst, millions […]


Because of the continuous development of Internet and computer technology, we have now the capability to buy almost anything in the web. In developed countries like US and Canada, purchasing stuffs online is a common thing. However, if you are living in developing countries like the Philippines, buying online is somewhat a new stuff. Why […]


The following article is a guest post from Danecca of She is an OFW nurse in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E and writes topics about personal development, financial management and health. “Money will match your mindset. Change your mind and you can attract money now.” – Joe Vitale The first step towards abundance is to shift how we […]


Maybe some of you are looking for advice on what to do with your finances. Perhaps you are reading some financial books and blogs around the web to learn how to manage your money. If you are living in the US or Canada, I believe you are aware of many financial planners in your city offering services […]