Are you looking for a procedure on how to withdraw funds or money from CitisecOnline? In this post, I would like to give you detail information on how to withdraw money from your Citiseconline account based on my personal experience. In the past, I have withdrawn funds in Citisec for more than 4 times already. […]


Do you have any idea on how to buy and sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)? Maybe you have heard and read the word “PSE” in major news websites and blogs? In the Philippines, stocks of publicly traded companies are being sold and bought at PSE. It is the sole stock market or […]

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Investing in stocks is becoming popular in the past years because of the rapid development of Internet and the technology related for trading stocks. In the past, you cannot buy or sell stocks using the Internet since the technology has not been developed and put in place. However, today, buying Philippine stocks online is very […]


Do you have any idea on how to buy stocks of Philippine companies like Jollibee, San Miguel or PLDT? Perhaps it is also your question you want to ask. Buying stocks involves a process that you need to undergo before you could actually purchase a stock. In this post, I would like to discuss some […]


Investing in stocks is gaining popularity in the recent years because many people now are looking for ways on how to make more money out of the cash they have. Stocks can be scary for most people because of the notion of big loss of money when you invest in it but it should not […]


Stock News About URC

by Gily Tenorio on February 29, 2012

in Stocks

Last time, I posted an article about the Philippine stocks I’m planning to invest this year and I mentioned there the 5 stocks that I will buy little by little. One of those stocks is URC. I believe there’s more growth and investment potential on the Philippine stocks and it is never too late in […]


Just a quick post about Jollibee stock price. Last Thursday, when I opened my Citiseconline account, I’m not surprised that Jolibee Food Corporation (JFC) will be at P103+ per share. If you read my previous post, I mentioned there that this is one of the Philippine stocks I’m planning to invest this year because I […]


Today’s afternoon, I received an email from Citiseconline about the change of their corporate name. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines has approved their change of name from, Inc. to COL Financial Group Inc. The announcement doesn’t specify whether they will also change their website or not so make sure to […]

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One of the best knowledge that I’ve learned and thankful for is stock investing. Perhaps you know that there is a very small percentage of people are now investing in Philippine stocks. There are many reasons behind this scenario why Filipinos are shying away from this good investing opportunities. I have known the word “stocks” when I was […]