Before you invest in UITF, I have written an article about it several months ago. Just read it here before investing your money so that you can have better idea about this kind of investment. Most banks these days offer different types of investments such as mutual funds, insurance and UITF. In addition, BPI and […]


Investment thing is becoming popular through the years as financial literacy are going on a spotlight in the Philippines. Many TV programs and websites are focusing more on how to save money, invest the money you have and how to earn more money for future needs.   There are several ways on how to invest […]


Do you know what is the difference between mutual funds and UITF (unit investment trust fund)? Maybe you have notice that both ends in the word “funds” meaning it involves sum or pool of money. I think it would be better to make a list on the differences between mutual funds and UITF so that […]

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Benefits of Investing in UITF

by Gily Tenorio on January 31, 2012


Investing in UITF is one of the investment opportunities that is becoming popular in the Philippines these days. Basically, mutual funds and UITF are similar in concept and investing method. The differences in the two are the company managing the fund and the regulator of the fund. Maybe you already know that UITF is offered […]

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Four Types of UITF

by Gily Tenorio on January 27, 2012


In my previous post, I talked about what is unit investment trust fund (UITF) and how you can invest in it. In order to give more information and help readers of this blog about investing in this kind of investment, I’ll be discussing in this post the different types of UITF. UITF works much the […]


How to Invest in UITF

by Gily Tenorio on April 28, 2011


Basically, if you want to start investing, you must learn first how to save so you can have the initial money for your investing ventures. In addition, you should research and study first the investment schemes you want to enter. Make sure that it is legitimate and not a scam. There are lots of people […]

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What is UITF

by Gily Tenorio on March 18, 2011


Many people nowadays want to invest some of their saved money but don’t know where to put it because of lack of knowledge about various investment schemes available today. As a result, some people fall to scams and frauds because of the lure of high returns in the shortest time possible. Actually, there are many […]