How to Open a Citiseconline Stock Trading Account

by Gily Tenorio on June 16, 2010

in Stocks

Investing in stock market became even more popular through the introduction of online stock account.  Before stock trading is only done in traditional method, which have many limitations and hassles.

Thanks to the internet technology, we can now buy or sell stocks anywhere as long as you have computer with Internet connection.  More and more people nowadays have the opportunities to participate in stock market.

In the Philippines where small percentage of household have internet connection, buying and selling stocks will not be a big problem because you can find many internet shops, sprouting each town.  So even if you don’t have computer with internet connection, you can still buy stocks in Internet shops but be very careful not to leave your account open or make the browser not to remember your password. You should not open your Citiseconline account in public computers unless really needed.

How to Open a CitisecOnline Stock Trading Account

Opening an online stock account will be easy as 1,2,3 as this you can do even you’re outside the Philippines.  My recommended stock online broker in the Philippines is Citiseconline.  In order to open Citiseconline account, you need first to complete all requirements which you can see below if you click the link below.

According to Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc., Citiseconline is the number one stock broker in the Philippines in terms of volume of stock traded and the reliability of its online systems.  I personally used Citiseconline as my stock broker and it’s really easy to use even if you are a beginner in online stock trading.

If you want the complete information on how to open an account and the needed requirements, just visit this LINK.  It will show you the complete procedures and requirements on opening a stock trading account on CitisecOnline. The link is the official website of CitisecOnline which you can also get important information on opening an online stock trading account.