best investment

Are you contemplating when is the best time to invest in the Philippines? Are you an OFW who wants to try investing your money in the motherland? First of all, before investing your money, you need to know your goal why you want to invest. Is it for your children’s future education, for your retirement […]


Perhaps, you are thinking where to invest your P10,000 which I assume you received from your company as a Christmas bonus or just an additional money from your savings. Investing, these days, is not only for the rich people. Investing is also for simple person just like you and me. When you invest your money, […]


In my previous post, I mentioned there the six best investment that you could ever have. Basically, anything that gives you money is a good investment as long as it is legal. However, the question is how can you say that this or that is the best investment? I would like to answer that question […]