dividend stocks

I have been posting my stocks dividend income each year to have a record of the dividends I received from the previous year. Dividend from stock investments is purely passive income in nature because it is given freely by the company as long as you hold the stock for a certain period of time. Majority […]


In the beginning of this year, I have written an article about the dividend I got from stocks I purchased for the year 2014. You can see the post here. Also in that article I have said that I will make a post about the dividend income that I will get for year 2015. So […]


Investing in stocks that pay dividends is one of the best strategies you can do when choosing which one to buy. If you are newbie in stocks, you may not understand how dividend works. Dividend is one way of the company to share the profit made by the business. Some companies may re-invest those profits […]


Investing in stocks is not a common form of investment in the Philippines may be because there are many Filipinos who do not have enough knowledge and exposure about it. Actually, according to some study, only a tiny percentage of the Philippine population are investing in stocks or have stocks in their investments. Investing Strategy […]