Is it possible to earn money even when you’re sleeping? Perhaps, you already know that income can be classified as active and passive income. Active income is the one you get from your job as an employee of a company or doing your own business. If you don’t work, you will get not paid. However, […]


In the beginning of this year, I have written an article about the dividend I got from stocks I purchased for the year 2014. You can see the post here. Also in that article I have said that I will make a post about the dividend income that I will get for year 2015. So […]


How do you earn from stocks? One way to earn from stocks is through dividends paid to shareholders of the company. Another is through appreciation of the stock price of the company you bought. Dividends can be in the form of cash or stocks. Dividend will be automatically added to your portfolio through your stockbroker […]