Top Credit Cards in the Philippines

by Gily Tenorio on January 2, 2011

in Credit Card

A credit card is a small and rectangular plastic card issued to cardholders as an alternative system of payment. It allows its holder to buy goods and services keeping in mind that he need to pay the bill before its due date.

Paying anything is one of the secured ways of payment since you have the instant record of your transaction and you don’t need to bring many cash in your wallet. It has several benefits for its holder, though many people also went to big debt because of credit card usage.

In the Philippines, normally you can apply for credit cards in all domestic and international banks operating across the country. Credit card is a common bank product that you can apply for to give you alternative in paying for the things you are buying.

Although most people apply for credit card for their own pleasure of impulse buying, a credit card has many benefits if it is use properly. It is the reason I want also to have a credit card. Read the guide here on how to apply for credit card.

top credit cards in the Philippines

If you want to apply for credit card in the Philippines, you can see the list below  and choose what type of credit card you like depending on your needs.

1. BPI Express Credit Card

2. Metrobank Credit Card

3. BDO Credit Card

4. RCBC Credit Card

5. Land Bank Credit Card

6. PSBank Credit Card

7. Union Bank Credit Card

Owning a credit card is not bad as it is. Actually, if you use it with discipline and wisely, it will give many benefits and advantages for your finances.

There are many perks you can have with a credit card but you should use it to your advantages. Some of the best credit cards you can choose in the Philippines are listed above. Depending on your need and requirements, a credit card is one of the financial instruments that will help you in managing your funds with ease and convenience.