10 Steps on How to Build a Money-Making Blog Part 2


As continuation of my post about the 10 Steps on How to Build a Money-making Blog, here’s the part 2 of the article.

6. Write articles related to your keywords and important pages of your blog

What makes a blog different form other website is that it is updated regularly by posting articles related to the niche of the blog. An article is like an essay or story where you write information, facts or your experience about a particular topic.

Normally, you must write a 500-word article related to your niche or keyword that you want. Make sure that you don’t use many times your keywords; the recommended amount is less than 3% of the total words of your article.

Make your post informative, high quality and easy to understand by your visitors and readers.

It should be unique and not copied from anywhere else. You should not plagiarize, be different. Check spellings and grammars for any errors before publishing your article.

Break sentences into paragraphs so that it will be easier to read. As much as possible, always write at least 500 to 600-word article. Before publishing your article, do proofreading to correct any wrong grammar and spellings.

In addition, you also need to write pages for your “about” page, contact info, privacy policy and disclaimer. Check out my blog to give you more idea.

7. Optimized your pages and articles

What is optimization?

It is a process of improving your article so that it can be picked up by search engines and includes it in their search results. Actually, the word should be SEO or search engine optimization.

However, for this time, your focus should be first on your post and how to make it high quality. WordPress has many plugins for article . These plugins can be used to improve the visibility of your post from the eye of search engines.

You may also need to change the title tags, add Meta description, add keywords and add tags to your articles. I have published a post about the top 10 WordPress plugins your blog must have so that it will be well-optimized.

Please see the post here. The goal here is to make your article unique, helpful and high quality so that search engines will love it.

8. Drive traffic to your blog

Traffic means the people visiting your blog. Without traffic, your blog will be useless even if you have the best articles
that can solve the problems and questions of the people.

I think this step is the hardest part to do base on my experience and other bloggers as well. A blog is worthless if there are no people visiting it so it is very important that your site will be seen by as many people it should be.

You cannot get visitors automatically when you post an article; you need to make it known to the Internet that your blog exists and you have the great articles for people’s questions and queries. You can drive visitors to your blog by many different ways.

You can post your articles on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social bookmarking and networking site.

In my opinion, social networking site (SNS) is the easiest way to drive traffic to your site. Therefore, you should start
making your blog’s page in Facebook and Twitter.

Another way to get traffic is commenting on other blogs with high traffic with a link pointing to your site.

When making comments, it should be related to the topic of the post so that you will not be tagged as a spammer. Don’t put any links on your comment. The link should be on your name or your blog’s name. As an example, I’m using this name when commenting to other blogs in my niche:

By doing this, you are telling the owner the blog that you are a real person and an owner of that blog.

This strategy will make your comment reliable and not a spam. Lastly, the best way to drive traffic to your site is by getting your site on Google’s first search page for your keywords. This thing is the best traffic you can ever have.

But I tell you straight: it is very hard to do it and many bloggers are paying big amount of money to be able to be seen in the first page of Google.

As a newbie blogger, I would recommend just focus on writing the best article that can be helpful to other people plus be active on social networking sites and commenting to other blogs in your niche.

Get many back links as many as possible because it will be one factor to rank high in Google search. Links can be obtained from comments, SNS, guest posting, and blog carnivals.

9. Monetize your site with Google AdSense and other affiliate sites

Before monetizing your blog, it should have a decent quantity of post and visitors.

My suggestion is your blog should have at least 30 posts and an average of 100 visitors per day. As much as possible, do your blog posting regular, perhaps at least 3 articles each week.

As I said before, write at least 500-word articles, not short and not a long one.

Going back to monetization topic, there are several ways to monetize your blog. The easiest way could be using Google AdSense.

It is the most popular and used monetization method by almost all webmasters and blogger one point in their blog’s existence.

First of all, you need to apply for an account before you can put AdSense code into your blog. It may take several days or weeks of processing and approval.

In my experience, it takes 2-3 days to get a notice from Google about approval or denial of my application. Another alternative is Infolinks. It is inline text advertising that perhaps you notice when you have visited some blogs or websites.

The application for Infolinks is easier than AdSense and their requirements are not stricter. However, in my experience, Google AdSense still gives the higher earnings than any other advertising site.

In addition, you can also apply for Amazon affiliate account which you can use to sell books, mp3 or gadget depending on your niche. I think Amazon affiliate works best for blogs related to gadgets, tools, music, home appliances and book reviews.

There’s also Chitika. This company is much similar to Adsense but fewer advertising companies in their list so
earnings from Chitika are also lower compared with AdSense. That’s just the major companies you can used to monetize your blog. Some blogs are offering private or direct advertising which I think the best way to go
especially if you have many visitors.

As of this writing, I have earned a total of more than $15,000 in AdSense and more than $500 through private advertising. You can see my YouTube video here about my proof of Google AdSense income.

10. Continue posting more articles

Your blog is a blog because it is continuously updated by posting articles on a regular basis. I would recommend to
you to post at least 3 articles in your blog every week so your blog will look fresh from the eyes of your visitor and search engines.

Search engines do really like blogs that are active and regularly updated. The more articles you write in your blog, the
greater the chance search engines can pick your post and include it in their search results. Therefore, in order to increase your blog’s traffic each passing day, the secret will be to post more articles. That’s it!

Final Note

Thank you very much for downloading this eBook! I wish you learned the basic information on how to start your own profitable blog. Many people who started a blog don’t continue because of the hardships they encountered along the way. Blogging is not easy but it is rewarding plus an opportunity to earn money.

If you are planning to make money online by blogging, you should be patient and resourceful. Blogging needs a certain amount of your time and money particularly in the early stage of your blog.

It is not a get-rich-quick activity or a rocket science. It is also better to blog on the things you really like and the things interested you the most so that you have the eagerness to post more articles. You can use all available monetization as long as it will not look like an advertisement website.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the much information and the load of having a blog. As long as you enjoy it and many people are finding it useful, your blog will be in a good shape. I would suggest finding a mentor or blogger friends online. In this way, you can ask them if you have questions about blogging.