10 Ways on How to Earn Money While Studying in College


If you are studying in college and looking for ways on how to earn some extra money, you have to know that it is doable and you only need creativity and willingness to learn. Most college students are eagerly waiting for the day of graduation because after that they could apply for a job and then earn money for themselves.

In this way, they don’t need to ask for allowance from their parents and they will be able to buy the stuffs they want. For some students, earning extra money will help them pay necessary school fees and buy materials they needed in their course.

There are varying reasons of why a college student wants to earn money while studying and all of it is good enough to carry out some actions to realize. Here in this post I’ll give you some ideas on how to earn money while studying in college. I personally did some of the tips here so it means you can also do it.

1. Be a part or full-time tutor

Tutoring a child or even a high school student is not hard. Many tutorial centers and schools are looking for tutors studying in college that takes a specific course. For example, if you are a Mathematics major, most likely you will be hired as a tutor for Math.

You can tutor directly to your tutee or you can apply as a tutor at several tutorial centers available near your school. There are pros and cons with these two approaches on getting a tutee.

For a new beginning tutor, it will be harder for you to get a student since you are still new and you don’t have any experience. So your choice will be applying for a tutor at the tutorial centers.

Anyhow, being a tutor can be good both ways, you earn some money and learn as you teach while your students also learn the lessons. Just make sure your teaching schedule is not in conflict with your subject class.

2. Work as a fast-food crew

Perhaps you have already noticed that most of the fast-food restaurants these days hire high school or college students to fill up their manpower. There are many advantages to these companies when they hire these types of employees and it boils down to more profit.

Normally, college students are the preferred crew and employees in a fast-food chain because they are responsible enough and can work with very minimal supervision. In addition, their pay is not also high which can be good for the profit of these companies.

For both sides, the benefits are mutual. The company saves some money while the students are given the chance to work and earn an income.

3. Be a writer for blogs

If you are an English major or you find it interesting to write some articles, then you can try writing for some blogs. There are blog owners who are looking for content writers. In exchange, they will pay a certain amount depending on the number of words you have written and its quality.

earn money at college

Make sure you write an original article and not a copycat from other websites because it will be checked by the blog owner for originality. You need to research for the topic before you can write something unless you already know the topic you will write.

There are several websites on the web that you can visit looking for writers. Here are some of those sites that I know: freelancer.com, textbroker.com, elance.com, odesk.com and freelance.com.

4. Sell stuffs and services on eBay, Sulit or Craigslist

I had experience selling some stuffs in eBay and Sulit while working at my first job. The profit that I’m earning during that time is not that big since I’m only doing it as a part-time.

It is easy to sell something online than in a physical store. First, you should create an account and supply all the necessary information about yourself. You have to think which products you should sell so you can start posting advertisements about the product.

5. Make a gig in Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that will enable you to offer your services to prospect customers for the price of $5. The service you will do is normally called as a gig.

There are many gigs that you can do like writing articles, link building, singing a song, making a YouTube video, and many more. You need to sign up first before you can start advertising your gig. You can try this one especially if you have skills or talent to offer.

6. Be a part-time model

Do you have the looks or a special talent like acting or dancing? Then, maybe you can apply as a model for commercial advertisement or printed ads.

7. Make your own blog

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to earn money while studying in college is making a blog. You can blog almost anything but I suggest you should start on what interest you the most.

For example, if you are basketball enthusiast, you can blog about basketball players, game schedules, and other interesting facts about basketball. If you don’t have money to buy a domain and web hosting, you could start using BlogSpot since it is free and you can add Google Adsense afterwards.

8. Offer your service as a web designer or computer related works

Are you good at computers, programming or web design? Do you have your own computer that you can use for this purpose? If your answer is yes, then you can offer your services by posting advertisement at popular online classified ads like craigslist, eBay, or Sulit.

You can also do freelance work online by creating an account at freelancer or elance. There are several sites that hire freelancers where you could earn some amount of money while still studying in college.

9. Work part-time in a relative’s business

This idea is also a good way to earn extra money. If you have relatives who are operating a business, perhaps you could apply as a sales lady or help in selling their products. In return, you can get a payment for your job.

10. Offer your skills to other people

If you have marketable skills like playing guitar or piano, you can use it make extra money while studying. Another skill that can give you extra income is sketching or painting.

To Wrap Up

All the ideas included in this article are only some of the ways you can do to make money while studying. I guess there are other ways not mentioned in this post so if you know other means, you can leave your suggestions at the comment section. Thanks!

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