10,000 Unique Visitors for this Site


Today, this website reached another milestone for receiving 10,000 unique visitors according to Site Meter.

My goal is to reach this number by end of this year but I reached it very early. I am also on my way to reach my FIRST 100 USD Google Adsense earning by this week. This is another milestone for this 6-month old blog.

I am still experimenting many things on how to drive traffic to my blog. If a blog or website has little visitors, it would be useless to post articles since there are no people reading your blog. For that reason, I am studying and learning how to drive lots of traffic for a quality article to really make money online.

My goal is to post quality articles with lots of visitors and in the end make a good profit from Adsense and other affiliate sites. My next goal would be to post a total of 100 articles and earn an average of $5 daily from Adsense before this year ends.