14 Blessings That I Received from God in 2016

by Gily Tenorio on January 23, 2017

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Every end of the year, I normally post one article to list the things why I am grateful and blessed in the previous year. It is a good way of giving thanks to our Lord for guiding and blessing us for the previous year that has passed.

I believe that good and perfect blessings come from God. Though you need to exert effort also to get that blessing. In my own life, blessing is a direct result of my obedience to His word.

Here are the 16 blessings that me and my family received from the Lord in 2016. This list is not in the order of importance.

1.Australia Permanent Resident Visa Grant

I would say this is one of the biggest blessings my family received this past 2016. I started the application in May 2015 and the visa was granted in February 10, 2016. All of us were given the visa as permanent resident of Australia though we are living in the past 8 years of our life in South Korea. Yehey! and praise the Lord!

2. 11th Wedding Anniversary

Time fly. Right?

We’ve been married for 11 years! It’s like just few years ago. It’s been one decade and a year. I remembered the first months of our marriage.

There are many adjustments and struggles. We literally sleep on the floor because we have no bed. We have no enough money to buy furniture during that time. Thanks to my wife she never complained.

Thank you, mommy for the ups and downs in our marriage. Thank you Jesus for being there, you will be always the center of our marriage and family.

3. Gideon’s 9th Birthday

Our son Gideon celebrated his 9th birthday when we are still in South Korea. During that time, my parents visited us and spend 3 weeks with us.

It was winter season during that time. We went to Muju Ski resort so that my parents can see the snow because they have never see snow in their life before.

4. Faith’s 3rd birthday

Our daughter, Faith, was born in South Korea in 2013. In 2016, she celebrated her birthday there in our 2nd apartment provided to us by Samsung Heavy Industries.

The apartment is located in Suwol-dong, Geoje, Korea. It is very near to Xi Apartment and Clear Well Hospital.

5. Mhai’s 36th Birthday

We thank you Lord for the 36th birthday of our mommy. We celebrated it when we are still in South Korea.

6. My 35th Birthday

I celebrated my birthday in South Korea for the 8th time in 2016. It’s just a simple celebration by going out in a restaurant.

7. Gideon’s Red and Black Belt in Taekwondo

Gideon got his red/black belt taekwondo in his last year in taekwondo school when we are still living in Kwang Woo apartment located in Jangpyeong, Geoje, Korea.

8. Our First Trip in Australia

In September 10, 2106, our family took our first step in the Australian soil in Sydney International airport. Our first time to enter the land down under.

After spending 4 days in Sydney, we flew to Melbourne and spent 6 days there by looking and strolling around. By February 2017, we will return again in Oz to live permanently there as resident.

9. First Concert Performance of SEM Worship Team

As part of Sumgim English Ministry‘s praise and worship team, we performed our first concert. The rehearsals we did is not that easy. There are many practices we carried out because of several songs that we needed to sing and play.

It is indeed an unforgettable moment for our family because it maybe the first and last for us to participate in that kind of performance.

10. Spending Christmas and New Year in the Philippines

After working in South Korea, our family rarely spend Christmas in the Philippines because during that time, it is not a long holiday in Korea. Koreans only spend the holiday during December 25 and January 1.

If that 2 holidays fall on weekend, it is just like an ordinary day. That’s why spending Christmas and New Year in the Philippines is special to us.

11. Good Health for my family

I always believe that health is wealth. That’s why it is very important to take care of our health and our family’s too. There are many diseases nowadays that we don’t know how to specifically prevent it. One thing is for sure that God is our great healer!

I thanked God that He gave us good health and well being in the past 2016. No one in my family was hospitalized though we have very minor sickness like flu and cough. Thank you God for the good health we had in 2016!

12. Last Working year in Samsung

I resigned in December 16, 2016 as an Assistant Manager of Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) as a preparation for our migration to Australia in February 2017. I thanked God for another opportunity working in a foreign company and country.

It is also a privilege to work in South Korea together with my family living with me for the entire period of working in SHI. Only few OFWs can have that opportunity because of many factors that they cannot control like schooling of their kids, visa restrictions and the practicality of living together in a foreign country.

13. Meeting new Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Meeting new friends and brethren in Christ is a good blessing to us. They are our life supports while living in a foreign land.

God brought us into their lives so that we can also help and being a blessing to them too. We have met different people from many countries around the world.

14. A House that we can Live in Melbourne

Last year after spending our initial entry in Australia, I eagerly looked for an apartment around Melbourne area. It was hard to find an apartment for the whole family because we are still outside OZ.

The one thing I did was to book a one-bedroom apartment through AirBnB in Balwyn area, eastern part of Melbourne. It was expensive but I have no choice but to pay for it so that it will be reserved to us.

However, things happened in surprises. I have posted one question in Pinoy Au Melbourne Facebook group asking what is the living condition in Werribee last October 2016.

One guy, now a friend, contacted me and referred me to his church mate so that we can live in their spare granny flat at the back of their home. It is indeed a big blessing from God. We don’t know them and they don’t know us too but still this family will welcome us in their home.

How about you? What are the blessings you have received from God in the past 2016? Can you share it with us?

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