5 Helpful and Practical Tips that You Should Do before Quitting Your Job


Having a job is good because it will enable you to earn money so that you can buy your basic needs and to support your family’s welfare. A good and high-paying job is a dream of many people.

However, in spite of how good a job is, there will come a time wherein you need to quit your job because you want to change your career, you found another better job or it is time for your retirement. Quitting a job is normal because people’s and employee’s needs are changing as the years pass by.

Before quitting your job, here are some tips that you can consider so that you can still have a good working record with your former company.

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1. Don’t Burn Bridges


If you are transferring to another company with the same industry as your former company, chances are you will encounter your former boss and co-workers in the future. Therefore, leave a good image even when quitting your job; don’t burn bridges because you could never tell what will happen in the future.

You can still stay connected with them by leaving your contact details to your former boss and co-workers. When I resigned from my former company, I leave my email address to them by sending it to their email before my last day of work.

In addition, you could leave them your mobile phone if you are comfortable to do so. If not, email address will suffice just to show them that you still want to connect with them even you are changing company.

2. Ask and Request all Necessary Documents before You Leave


It is better to prepare all necessary documents that you need before leaving your former company. First and foremost, you must get a certificate of employment showing that you worked in your former company for a particular period according to your job description.

You must also request for a proof of your income so that in the future you can show to your new company the amount of salary you’re receiving from your previous one. In my case, they gave me a withholding tax certificate that shows my monthly salary in the last 12 months. The date and amount were indicated in the certificate.


3. Make Sure You Have Another Job


It is better to be sure than sorry. Make sure that before submitting your resignation letter to your boss, you have another job next in line.

However, sometime it may not be the case, it is best that you have a plan on what to do next such as going back to school, starting a business, or doing a service in your church. Resigning from your current job is very difficult especially if you don’t have a plan on what to do next.

Starting a business may be the best option but it is not easy to start with. The word “business” is nice to hear but it entails many things that you should study and learn.

Perhaps, you may attend seminars conducting lessons about doing business because it will give you simple and plain understanding on how to build a business from scratch. I’m considering attending a business seminar in the future through Business Coach.


4. Resignation is not the End


It’s not the end. Resignation is not the end of you and your career. You should realize that quitting a job is normal in corporate world because all things change in this world.

People come and go because of their desire to find something better; better salary, benefits and working environment. It is not bad to search for these kinds of jobs as long as you don’t compromise your values and what you believe.

I always believe that when one closes the door, another one will be opened; a better door where you can get better things than the former one.


5. Always Look for the New Opportunities


Sometimes, we are only given one opportunity so grab it while it is still there. If you will resign from your job, make sure to look for other opportunities out there, maybe it is in your industry or outside of it.

There will come a time you will be burned out from your job and you will look for other jobs in other companies. Seize the opportunity while it is still there.

Perhaps, a friend will refer you to a company who are hiring people to fill up their vacancies. Just submit your resume so that you have the chance to be interviewed in the future.

Opportunities are out there but you need to seize and grab it while it is still hot. Don’t procrastinate because you cannot return the time that was lost.


Final Words


As a final word, quitting a job is normal. It is part of your career but you must not do it many time because it will affect your resume and working experience in the future.

As much as possible, don’t quit your job even if it is really boring and hard because it is very hard to find and land for a job. Persevere in your current work and you’ll reap a good harvest later.

However, if you’re in the case of wanting to quit for a long time, just make sure that you have enough money to do so. You have savings that you can use while you are looking for a job and the tips outlined in this article will help you what you should do before quitting your job.


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