5 Practical Ways on How to Save Money on Groceries

by Gily Tenorio on April 9, 2012

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One of the ways we can save money is during buying groceries. Our family buys our groceries and food for our daily consumption once a week. Here in Korea where I am living now with my wife and son, marts are everywhere. A mart here is like a small supermarket but there are also other markets called “wet markets” or “traditional markets”. There you can see many vendors selling different types of vegetables, fish, fruits, seafood and other things that you cannot see in the mart.

Most of the time, we go to our chosen mart to buy our groceries and food, not in wet markets because of convenience and easier transaction. Also, my wife and I want to take advantage of the bonus points that we can earn by using our Samsung Bonus Point credit card.

For your info, we have only one credit card that we are using for all of our purchases. But I think owning a supplementary card can be a good move since you can use it during emergency cases.

To give you some ideas on how to save money on groceries, I listed some of the ways my wife and I carried out. Some here may not be applicable to you so just choose the one that you think can be helpful to you and your family.

1. Compare prices of products on different marts

First tip on how to save money on groceries is to compare the prices of products of different marts. Before picking our current mart where we always buy, we used to go to 3-4 different marts. We noticed that they don’t have the same prices for the same product so we closely monitor our groceries to find out which mart charges the lowest price.

Right now, we are satisfied in our current mart because it has a free delivery service when you purchased groceries amounting to more than $30. Our Samsung Bonus Point credit card also earns points around 0.5% of the total purchase every time we used it in that mart.

They have also many bonuses and free giveaways for their customers. Actually, a couple of weeks ago, my wife won a gift certificate worth around $5. It has also a membership card which we applied two years ago that gives us around $20-30 bonus cash per year.

save money on groceries

2. Do your groceries on sale period

Most of the supermarkets and marts have their scheduled sale period especially when there are big holidays approaching like Christmas and New Year. You will know the sale schedule by taking some of the flyers or posters they give to their customers one week before the sale period.

It is a good chance to buy the consumables that you are using because it is cheaper during that time. Even, food products like meat, vegetables and fruits have also lower price than regular period. Just make sure that when you buy food products, it should be far from expiration date so it will not be wasted or perish.

3. Buy consumables on bulk

We buy our consumables like toothpaste, bathroom soap, detergents and other consumables through the online store. Here in Korea, there are also many online stores like in the US and Canada. One popular online store here is GMarket which is acquired by eBay. Perhaps in the US, many people buy their consumables and other stuffs through Amazon and Wal-Mart.

We buy consumables with long expiration in bulk because it is cheaper than buying in fewer quantities. I think there will be no problem here because these products have long shelf life and cannot be expired easily.

4. Use coupons and gift certificate

Coupons and gift certificates are big help for every consumers who like to save money on their groceries. I know coupons are very popular in the US, even here in South Korea. There are many companies giving away free coupons in their hope to attract more customers and boost their sales.

If you are patient enough, you can get these online through offerings and giveaways by many online stores. In addition, you can also get it in newspapers and magazines circulating around your area. Click here to get some coupons courtesy of WorkSaveLive.com

5. Use a cash back and reward credit cards

Me and my wife agreed to use our credit card every time we go to groceries and mart to earn as many bonus points (cash) as we can. Only few selected stores give rewards so we already pinpointed which one gives and which one is not. So far, our card earned a total of more than $150 in cash back rewards when we started using it since 2007 . It is not that big amount but it really helps a lot.

There are many cash back/ rewards credit card that you can apply particularly in the US. I know many finance blogs promote their chosen card because of the great benefits they get from it. One example I would like to mention here is the Chase Freedom credit card. It was reviewed and promoted in Free Money Finance and I think many people could benefit in this card.

However, before you apply or get this type of card or any other credit cards in your area, do your own research and study if this is the best credit card for you. First, do your part by studying and researching and then reap the rewards later.

That’s just a few tips on my list. Do you have other money saving tips that you want to share to other people when buying groceries. Just leave your comment or suggestions below. If you find this article helpful, please like us on Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks!

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Beth Hewitt July 19, 2012 at 22:59

Thanks for the tips, It take a little bit of planning but there are some great ways to save on the groceries.

Beth 🙂


Danecca April 10, 2012 at 18:00

This tips will surely help others in buying..thanks for posting! =)


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