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by Gily Tenorio on April 12, 2015

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Yes you read it right, this blog will be celebrating 5th birthday this coming April 22, 2015. I thought I will never come this far from writing and blogging.

Here’s my first ever article that I published in this site back 5 years ago: 10 Simple Tips to Control Your Expenses to reminisce the past. You will notice it is a short post and straight to the point.

You know when I’m still a student I’m not that good in writing and communicating in English. It’s my Waterloo and and I’m always afraid to talk to anybody in English language.

Perhaps this blog is a way God use to develop my writing and English communication skills since it is an important factor to be able to deliver your message to many people as possible. 5th birthday 5th birthday

I remembered the days when I needed to study and learn how to setup a blog from scratch. At the first time, I used free platforms like Blogspot and WordPress which has its own limitations.

However, my goal is for long term so I decided to buy my own domain and web hosting. This blog,, is the first blog I setup which runs using paid domain and web hosting.


Along the years, I have setup several websites through Just Host. The second site I built is that tackles more on banking, economy, inflation, government subjects and general ideas.

All in all, I have built six websites but only two have remain because I don’t have enough resources and time to manage all those sites. I never regret that I made those websites because I learned many things about website building through them.


Actually, I’m still planning to setup more blogs in the future but I’m still assessing my situation whether I can allot time to write, setup and maintain those blogs. I don’t write all of the blog posts in my websites.

Some articles were written by authors I paid whom I given tasks to write for a specific topic. Some posts were guest post by other bloggers who want to market their blogs and get links.

There are many lessons that I learned through that long five years which I want to share with you. Here are the five major things I learned:


1. Building a Website or Blog is Not Hard

Yes, you read it correct! Building and making a blog of your own where you can share your passion, interest or skills is not difficult at all.

Actually, I learned it from reading other blogs as well that teaches how to start a blog or website. I didn’t paid anyone or anything when I learned it. It’s absolutely free.

However, if you want to learn faster about building your own site, I recommend you to be a member of a forum or website that teaches blogging. You’ll need to pay small amount every month but it will speed up your learning process.

In case you don’t want to pay and you’re looking for free stuffs, I have published a guide 2 years ago about blogging and starting your own website. Go to this link to download your free Ebook about blogging. Remember to subscribe also to this site so that you can learn other tips about website making, saving money, investing, and how to earn money online.


2. Writing or I say Blogging is Fun

I admit that I hate writing. Before. Now, it is fulfilling and I wanting it more. Since elementary, students in the Philippines are taught on how to speak and write in English.

I think it is not too difficult for anyone who finish high school and even in college to write an English article or passage. Just like the common saying, “practice makes perfect”, it is same also in writing.

I’m not expert writer or blogger but as I go on, I notice I become better in using grammar and the style I used is developing more and more over the time.


3. Sharing your Thoughts can be Helpful

You’ll never know that some people are benefiting from your blog post. Though you are not aware, it is helping other people to answer their questions about something. It results to better decision making, avoiding mistakes and betterment of their lives.

For example, many people are searching on how to open a savings account in the internet, and this blog answers some of the questions for that topic. When they search about a certain keyword, some articles in this site appears in Google search and normally people click it since they are looking for answers about their query.

Through that process, what you have written, becomes a tool to help other people. From what you know and learned, writing it in your blog or making a video about it through YouTube, will benefit other persons in your community and place.

4. Doing what You Like is Fulfilling

If you like what you do, it is fulfilling even it is hard and the pay is little. On the contrary, if you don’t like you’re doing, it becomes a burden and stress. You’ll give up soon for doing that stuff.

At first, I’m wanting to make some money online so I searched ways on how to do it. I ended up in making blogs as one of many ways on making money through the internet.

I like now what I’m doing that’s why I stayed here for 5 years. Earning some money is just a big plus because I also have expenses running this site. I need to pay for the domain registration and web hosting of this blog.

The bottom line is that I learned that what you like to do is fulfilling even how difficult it may get. You’ll find ways on how to make it work and be successful.


5. You can Earn Money Online

Earning money through your blog is a big bonus but it should not be your primary motivation because you may not earn some dollar in your first year. Only few people experienced earning some money in their first year of blogging.

Most of these people paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to be able to gain enough knowledge about website making and how to make money. However, if you opt not to pay for learning, it will take longer time, to build your site and make money from it.

It is true that blogs can earn decent amount of money because I experience it myself. My highest income so far in one month is around $700 back 2 years ago. There are many changes that happened along the way. In addition, there also many competitions that came.

My primary income stream in this blog is through Google Adsense. I have been a member of Adsense for almost 5 years now. It is one of the Google companies that serves advertisements in most websites.

Many bloggers and publishers also use Adsense as one of their income streams aside from private advertising and sponsorships. You will know this when you continue to study and learn how blog works. But first, you should setup your own blog and write what you experiemced, your skills and so on.


Lately, I found out that one of the cheapest ways to start a blog is through The “value package” will cost only $20 per one year. You can setup your blog in WordPress through that package which I highly recommend than going to Free blog.

For your information, this blog also runs in WordPress. It is the most popular blogging platform these days and very easy to setup and use. You don’t need to be a techie to learn it. To learn more about WordPress, visit this blog post and also you can go to their website for details.


That’s all! I hope you learned something! Here’s for another 5 or more years! Subscribe to this blog by entering your email below.

P.S. Your email will not be shared to anyone!


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GilGily Tenorio is a blogger, a husband, a father, and an active Christian. He likes playing guitar, C.S. Lewis, Plants and Zombies and NBA. Follow him at Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. Thanks!


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[email protected] April 15, 2015 at 23:20

Congratulations and advanced happy birthday, Gil 🙂
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Gily Tenorio April 25, 2015 at 11:02

Hi Lianne,

Thanks for the greetings! By the way, I’ll be sharing your post in my Facebook page about EMGoldex, there are many people falling in this scam. Here in Korea, many of our kababayans, are investing in Emgoldex.


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