ATM Withdrawal Fee When You Withdraw to Other ATM of Philippine Banks

by Gily Tenorio on May 4, 2013

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Most ATM card owners probably don’t know that there’s a corresponding fee when you withdraw using the ATM of other Philippine banks. On the other hand, almost all banks don’t charge their customers when they withdraw using their own networks of ATM.

In my opinion, every ATM owners should be properly informed about these fees because it is also another expense to them. If they know the fees, they can avoid most of the time to withdraw their money from other bank’s ATM.

However, in some instances, we cannot avoid to withdraw money from other ATM because maybe there’s no ATM in the vicinity where we are staying. In this case, we’ll be forced to withdraw money and thus, incur additional expense through the withdrawal fee.

withdrawal fee

Why There’s A Withdrawal Fee?

I cannot fully understand why banks charge withdrawal fee to their customers when they use other bank’s ATM. In my understanding, withdrawal fee is to discourage people to withdraw from other banks and as a fee of processing your withdrawal from other bank which is harder than your own bank.

ATM withdrawal fee of most Philippine banks ranges from P10 to P15 and the balance inquiry fee is at P1 - P2 according to the information released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. But you know, many people are against these withdrawal fee because it is much cheaper to withdraw using machines than a bank teller.


ATM Withdrawal Fee of Philippine Banks

In the below table, you can see the withdrawal and balance inquiry fee of major banks in the Philippines. This information came from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Take a closer look!


Universal Banks
Bank Consortium
Withdrawal Fee (PHP)
Balance Inquiry Fee (PHP)
Allied Banking Corporation Bancnet 10.00 1.00
Bank of the Philippine Islands Expressnet 15.00 No Charge
BDO Unibank, Inc. - Debit Card (CASA Accounts) Megalink 11.00 2.00
BDO Unibank, Inc. - Smart Money Megalink 15.00 2.50
BDO Unibank, Inc. - Cash Card Megalink 11.00 2.00
Development Bank of the Philippines Bancnet 10.00 1.00
EastWest Banking Corporation Bancnet, Megalink 10.00 1.00
Land Bank of the Philippines Expressnet 10.00 1.00
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company Expressnet 11.00 2.00
Philippine National Bank Bancnet 11.00 2.00
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Bancnet, Megalink 12.00 2.00
Standard Chartered Bank Expressnet 10.00 1.00
United Coconut Planters Bank Megalink 11.00 2.00
Union Bank of the Philippines Megalink 12.00 2.00


Commercial Banks
Bank Consortium
Withdrawal Fee (PHP)
Balance Inquiry Fee (PHP)
Asia United Bank Corporation Bancnet 11.00 2.00
Bank of Commerce Bancnet 11.00 2.00
Chinatrust (Phils.) Commercial Bank Corporation Bancnet 12.00 2.00
Citibank, N.A. (Phils.) Bancnet No Charge No Charge
Maybank Philippines, Inc. Bancnet 11.00 2.00
Philippine Bank of Communications Bancnet 10.00 1.00
Philippine Veterans Bank Bancnet 10.00 2.00
Robinsons Bank Corporation Bancnet 11.00 2.0


Thrift Banks
Bank Consortium
Withdrawal Fee (PHP)
Balance Inquiry Fee (PHP)
BPI Family Savings Bank, Inc. Expressnet 15.00 No Charge
Card SME Bank, Inc. A Thrift Bank Bancnet 11.00 2.00
China Bank Savings, Inc. Bancnet 10.00 1.00
Citibank Savings, Inc. Bancnet No Charge No Charge
First Consolidated Bank, Inc. (A Private Development Bank) none P 100 in excess
of 4 Withdrawal
No Charge
Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc. Bancnet 12.00 1.00
Opportunity Kauswagan Bank, Inc. (A Microfinance Thrift Bank) Bancnet 12.50 1.00
Pacific Ace Savings Bank, Inc. Megalink 12.35 2.00
Philippine Savings Bank Bancnet 11.00 2.00
Philippine Business Bank, Inc., A Savings Bank Bancnet 11.00 1.00
Equicom Savings Bank, Inc. Bancnet 11.00 2.50
Planters Development Bank Megalink 11.00 2.00
Queen City Development Bank, Inc. Megalink 11.00 2.50
RCBC Savings Bank, Inc. Bancnet 12.00 2.00
Sterling Bank of Asia, Inc. (A Savings Bank) Bancnet 10.00 1.00
Wealth Development Bank Corporation Bancnet 10.00 1.00
World Partners Bank (A Thrift Bank) Bancnet 10.00 1.00


Rural Banks
Bank Consortium
Withdrawal Fee (PHP)
Balance Inquiry Fee (PHP)
Bank of Florida, Inc. (A Rural Bank) Megalink / Encash 35.00 NA
Bridgeway Rural Banking Corporation (Zambales) Bancnet 10.00 2.00
Community Rural Bank of Dapitan City, Inc. Bancnet 20.00 2.00
Gateway Rural Bank, Inc. Bancnet P 12.00 (Bancnet P 2.00
Cards); P 15.00
Golden Rural Bank of The Philippines Encash 46.00 2.00
Mallig Plains Rural Bank (Isabela), Inc. Encash 28.00 P 10.00 (w/
receipt); P
1.00 (w/out
Rang-ay Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank) Stand alone (HO
2.00 2.00
Rural Bank of Cauayan, Inc. Encash 28.00 No Charge
Rural Bank of San Mateo (Isabela), Inc. Nationlink 10.00 1.00
Rural Bank of Solano (Nueva Vizcaya), Inc. Stand alone (HO
No Charge No Charge
Bank of Ormoc, Inc. (A Rural Bank) Encash P 5.53 /
No Charge
Zambales Rural Bank, Inc. Bancnet 12.00 2.00


Final Words

So there you are, the complete list of Philippine banks with the details of ATM withdrawal and balance inquiry fee. Make sure to closely check your bank’s fee regarding withdrawing money to other bank’s ATM so you will not be surprised and avoid these expenses.

What are your thoughts about these fees? Is it fair for both parties and is it too expensive? What do you think?


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