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by Gily Tenorio on June 21, 2010

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The best banks in the Philippines were awarded by Finance Asia this month of June 2010. Finance Asia is a prestigious finance and business publication in Asia and the Pacific.

Recently, Finance Asia released it survey citing best banks in the Philippines in different categories. Finance Asia named Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. (BDO) the best domestic bank and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) as the best cash management bank in the Philippines.

Finance Asia also named BDO the best foreign exchange bank while BPI was cited as the best trade finance bank in the Philippines.

The survey covered the period from June 1, 2009 to May 17, 2010.

BDO Capital, a subsidiary of BDO, meanwhile bagged three other awards, namely, best investment bank, best equity house and best bond house in the Philippines.

Citi was named best foreign commercial bank in the Philippines while UBS was recognized as the best foreign investment bank.

How about you? Which is the best bank for you?

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Marius de Jess April 21, 2013 at 10:23

The best bank is the one that rewards its depositors and investors most generously, in addition to enabling them to earn money from patronizing it.

Today April 21, 2013, I find BDO to be the most generous as described above.

But is it the safest?

It is the bank of the SM giant which holds the most extensive and flourishing business undertakings in the Philippines.

AT the start I pulled out my BDO deposit account because I feared that it was expanding too much and too fast; but I am back with BDO today, I see it today to be very strong owing to its many flourishing business undertakings, that is strength from a good mixture(?).

Will there ever be a David that will strike down the SM giant with a stone from a slingshot?

More certainly not in my remaining lifetime.

I hear repeatedly that BPI is the safest because it is the most conservative, and it makes the most money for itself.

But I don’t find it the most generous to its clients.

Well, tell me I am wrong, that will be a good service to me.

Marius de Jess

Gily Tenorio April 23, 2013 at 10:09


Thanks for sharing your insight.

thomx June 8, 2011 at 15:18

For me, BPI is the best bank in the Philippines, it has a lot of characteristics that a depositor must consider.

Here are the list of banking convenience with BPI:
- Has a lot of branches (so far the highest in number of branches, followed by BDO).
- You can transact to its more than 800 branches free of charge.
- Technologically advanced in banking. Major branches doesn’t have deposit/payment/withdrawal slips in making transactions, but a customer assistance machine, just
like the atm (“touch screen”).
- has subsidiaries (BPI Family & BPI Direct) that offers higher interest rates in time deposits and any other savings account.
- Has many ATM Machines called Express Tellers (highest number in ATM network)
- Has Cash Accept Machines that allows clients to deposit via machine and credited to the account real-time. No need to approach a teller.
- Good location of branches.
- Has kiosks on malls.
- So far has the best customer service (based of blogs and comments). Tellers approach their clients with a 🙂
- Fast transactions.
- Offers account opening with no maintaining balance, just 200 pesos to open.

and many more…

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