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March 6, 2011

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One way to help the Philippines is to buy Filipino products. I know many Filipinos are divided in this issue because of the colonial mentality programmed in our mind.

I told my wife about this and tell her that as much as possible we will only buy products made from the Philippines but considering also the price and quality. I believe this is a good practice for us since it is really our goal to help our country even in little ways like this.

I admit there are some Filipino products that are not of good quality but I am also convinced that there are lots of nice products made locally that are really good and even foreigners love it.

We implemented buying Filipino products starting from household things like groceries, food, clothing, and other kitchen stuffs. All of our appliances are made in the Philippines but of course its original manufacturer came from other countries.

In addition, as much as possible I only buy clothes and shoes when I am returning to the Philippines from South Korea. The prices between the two countries is really in a big gap so I preferred to spend my money in the Philippines because I can buy more things with my money.

I’m thinking if many Filipinos realized these thing, our economy will be better each year. There are really many obstacles why we don’t buy Filipino products like the influx of Chinese products in our country which are really cheaper. Also, the colonial mentality that if it is made abroad, it must be good and we know that it is not always true.

You know here in Korea when you buy things like food you will know where it came from. Koreans preferred to buy food produced locally. There are also many Chinese products here like in the Philippines but Koreans patronized products from their own country.

I believe if our generation now starts to prioritize to buy Filipino products and teach our children about this, the future of our country will be better in terms of economic progress and prosperity.


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Norman L. Ocampo November 13, 2011 at 17:28

marami na tayong pinoy products na pwedeng ipagmalaki sa buong mundo, dito sa abroad as much as possible kung may pinoy products yun muna ang aking binibili instead of the others


Jonard March 16, 2011 at 04:12

I totally agree with this post and disagree with Mighty….the main problem with most Filipinos not buying Philippine made products are colonial mentality and “Brand Conscious” mentality and status symbol. In my case, in whatever I purchase, branded or not, Filipino products or not, I always check is this worth its value?

Creativity and Originality is subjective. China became an economic powerhouse but they don’t have any significant brand nor original products.


Mighty March 8, 2011 at 00:58

The problem with some Filipino products though is the lack of creativity or originality. So sometimes, people are justified when they feel that imported is better.


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