Inflation is real and constantly changing. It secretly decreases the value of your money. You cannot avoid it or even control it because you don’t have any power to do so. It is like your punching an invisible enemy, you cannot see it but you can feel it and you are hurt by its effects. […]


Who or what do you think is the number one enemy of your hard-earned money except yourself? It is not other people but sometimes it can be if you already have a family or spouse who will spend it as much as they can. I will give you a hint, it starts with the letter […]


Have you wondered why prices of food, clothes and other commodities are steadily going up in a fast rate? Or why P100 worth more twenty years ago than today? The answer for these questions is due to INFLATION. Basically, inflation is the enemy of money. It reduces the buying power of your money on hand. […]