Money Saving Tips

Electricity is a basic necessity in our modern society. Without it, it will be very difficult to live a comfortable life. However, there are still many places in the Philippines and even in other countries in the world that don’t have electricity. These places are far from the transmission lines of electricity that’s why it […]

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I remembered when I was in elementary, there were frequent brownouts the Philippines was experiencing during that time. It was around during the 1990s. The situation now didn’t improve much because our country has power shortage particularly in the area of Mindanao. I’m wondering what happened to the mitigation and projects of the past governments […]


One of the ways we can save money is during buying groceries. Our family buys our groceries and food for our daily consumption once a week. Here in Korea where I am living now with my wife and son, marts are everywhere. A mart here is like a small supermarket but there are also other […]


This will be my first post dedicated on discussing about money saving tips. I hope you will enjoy the article. One of the biggest expenses you may have right now is buying the food that you consume for your every day living. All of us eat every day so it is obvious that we will […]