Time Deposit

All of us want the most out of our money. So we tried to look for the best deals when buying things and finding the best bank that gives highest interest rates for savings account or time deposit (TD). In investing, you should be aware of how much your investment will give you after a […]


Time deposit (TD) or certificate of deposit (CD) is a bank product similar to savings account but the money you put in TD or CD is in a holding period which you cannot withdraw before maturity. However, if you want to get your money prior the maturity date of your TD, you will be charged […]


Investing extra amount of money in time deposit is a safe and guaranteed way to make money out of your money. Time deposit or certificate of deposit is a bank product almost the same as savings account but the difference is that the money in time deposit is on holding period before you can withdraw […]

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In my previous post, I discussed about benefits of investing money in time deposit over putting all of it in savings account. Time deposit is famous among Filipinos and among US citizens because I think it is one of the safest investments since it is insured by the government up to certain amount. Time deposit […]

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Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the Philippine banks that offers the best interest rates in the Philippines for time deposit. In order to compute for the interest that you will gain for time deposit, just use the equation below. Interest Gain = (Principal Amount X Time Deposit Interest Rate X No. […]