Do We Need to Help the Poor?

by Gily Tenorio on November 10, 2012

in Bible and Money


Sometimes, I’m writing topics related to Bible and money. Here’s the reason why I’m doing this kind of post.

There are many poor people in our country. We can see them in our community or even in our own family and clan. Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the Philippines. The gap between the rich and the poor are so far.

There are many factors why a person is poor. The most common would be is he or she was born in a poor family. Some people, perhaps, are poor because of their actions and choices. They choose to be poor by their mindset and activities they are doing each day.

Many people are saying, our country is rich in natural resources, why are so many people poor. Other people are blaming the corrupt governments in the past that’s why poverty are not being reduced and still kept increasing every year.

Is being poor should be forever? In my opinion, it should be not since God is able to bless us in any state we are in, even we’re poor or rich. If you’re blessed with the resources, talent and skills, it is not yours to keep.

Poor Childre

God is calling all of us to take actions and help the people around us especially the poor relatives we have and the people around our community. This bible verse clearly call all of us who are capable with these following words,

Proverbs 19:17
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

The verse is clearly telling us that when we help or give to the poor, we are actually lending our money and resources to the Lord which in return, God will bless and reward us for what we have done. You’ll reap what you sowed.

Do you help the poor around you? You could start with your own family or church members. It is not difficult to do. It is not only by giving them monetary aid, you can help them know a good stuff like the skills you have or you could teach the poor kids around your community.

Let us help the poor people around us and start to transform our nation little by little. This dream I want to pursue someday when I return to the Philippines.

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