FMB Income Report and Blog Statistics for April 2012

by Gily Tenorio on May 25, 2012

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Each month, I’m dedicating a post about this blog’s income report and statistics gained in the previous month. This is my way to track the performance of this blog in terms of income and statistics.

Like any other blogs out there, this blog had experienced many ups and downs. Last month, this blog was affected by the recent Google update that cut my traffic to almost 60%. As a consequence, the income from Google Adsense was also cut down by more than 60%.

Here’s the snapshot of my Google Analytics to give you a good picture on how much I was affected by the Penguin update. Hopefully, I can recover from this lost and to keep on blogging.

Google Penguin Update

Income Report

For the month of April, this is the breakdown of my income from this blog and the other blogs I have.

Google Adsense: $257.10

Infolinks: $9.58

Private Ads: 0

As you can see above, Adsense is still my number 1 source of online income and it is still the easiest way to start to make money online. I was greatly affected by Google Penguin update that cut down my traffic by more than 60%. In consequence, my Adsense earning was also cut down by more than half.

I have plan to diversify my online income by venturing out as an Amazon affiliate this year and maximizing my revenue through Infolinks but I know these things translate to lots of works.

blog income

Blog Stats

In terms of blog statistics, here’s the detail of the current stats for this blog. As of this moment, I still don’t have a target number to reach but in the months to come I’ll be setting up a target to work on.

Post Published (total): 241

Alexa Rank: 88, 275

Google PageRank: 2

Facebook Like:1, 196

Twitter Follower: 76

YouTube Subscriber: 3

RSS Feed Subscriber: 1,432

Last month, I started to make YouTube videos about finance, banking, investments, and many more. I am exploring YouTube for the opportunity of getting more traffic to my blog. If you have YouTube account, please subscribe to my channel to learn different things about financial education, stocks, mutual funds and investments.

Final Note

I’m still posting more articles here in this blog even what happened to my traffic. You are one of the reasons why I continue to blog. Hopefully next month will be better and I can gain more traffic and visitors again.


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RK May 9, 2013 at 14:37

Hello Sir,
Can you please share your latest FMB income report and blog statistics. Its an inspiration for beginner bloggers like me.
I really like your blog statistics and announcements!
Thanks a lot and wish you great success!

krissy May 28, 2012 at 03:19

very inspiring ^^
thanks and God bless you and your family ^^
- krissy

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