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Perhaps, some of you are looking for FREE ways to learn financial education without spending any pesos or dollar but you want it like in a classroom where there’s a teacher or instructor. Though there are lots of ways to learn personal finance, attending seminars is one of the most effective and gives the most long-lasting effect on your part.

I have recently joined and collaborated with IMG or the International Marketing Group that conducts free seminars about personal finance. I am seeing many financial seminars these days but most of them require you to pay registration fee in thousand of pesos range (which is not cheap). Register below for free personal finance seminars by IMG.

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So Who is IMG?

IMG is a financial distribution company that operates worldwide and have offices in different countries like the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines and more. IMG do not own certain product but only distribute financial products through their partners like mutual fund, life insurance, health care, general insurance and real estate.


IMG’s mission is to spread financial literacy to every Filipino through wealth seminars and series via Wealth Academy. They have very qualified trainers who are certified financial educators not only in the Philippines but also for other countries around the world.


Will I be Sold a Product to attend this Seminars?


Please take note that the first two series of IMG Wealth Academy is FREE. You will not be required to pay any registration fee and you will not be forced to buy anything from the trainers or staffs.

However, for the 3rd series of the Wealth Academy, if you want to learn more and apply what you have learned, you have to be a member by paying a certain membership fee. What I recommend is for you to study and understand what you have learned from the Wealth Academy so you can have better decision if you will continue or not (most people do continue).


I am an OFW, can I attend?


Yes. If you are an OFW and want to attend the free seminars, it is possible through Skype presentation. My friend and mentor Mr. David Sagarit, a certified financial educator and trainer of IMG Wealth Academy, will contact and assist you regarding this matter.

If you want to attend the seminar, you may sign up at the registration form below this post. It will just take 2 minutes for you to complete the registration.

After registration, wait several days for email from David informing you the details of Skype presentation. Please allot some time to attend the seminar via Skype.


What is my Take about IMG?

In my assessment about IMG and the Wealth Academy, I like their mission and vision on improving the life of every Filipino family through proper financial education. What I like with IMG is their focus on helping people not on selling their products and services.


Of course, IMG is a business company so they need some cash flow to fund their business and advocacy that’s why they teamed up with the leading financial companies in the Philippines like Kaiser Health International, Philam Life, Philequity, Ayala Land, SMDC and more.

If you are still new in the personal finance world, investing, insurance and healthcare, I suggests that you attend the IMG Wealth Academy seminars because you will learn many things and your eyes will be opened about your current financial situation.


To give you a sneak peak on what you will learn in the Series 1 & 2 of IMG Wealth Academy, here’s what I learned when I attended via webinar (seminar on the web) or Skype presentation.

1. IMG’s 6 Step to Financial Security - Increase Cash Flow, Manage Debt , Create Emergency Fund, Ensure Proper Protection, Build Long Term Saving (Investment), Preserve your Estate

2. The X-Curve Principle

3. The Power of Compounding Interest

4. Money Working Against and For You

5. The Complete Financial Plan

6. The Great 2 IFs of Life


Sign Up below to be able to attend the free seminars conducted by IMG Wealth Academy. It will take you just 2 minutes to register!


Final Thoughts

IMG is in the business of financial education for every family, even you have high or low salary. Actually, their mission is “No family left behind”. They don’t choose which people to educate because all of us needs financial literacy in different degrees even you’re an executive or a new employee.

If you want to change your life for the better, attending the Wealth Academy seminars is a must plus it’s FREE. In addition, when you have decided to become a member of IMG, the fee you will pay will be worth it and the retrun of investment will be many times more!

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