How Stock Market Works

by Gily Tenorio on May 23, 2013

in Stocks


For some of us who are new to stock investing, a good video tutorial about the basics of stock market would definitely help a lot. Some people learn quicker if they see and hear something about the topic they are interested.

Stock market and investing in stocks seem to be complicated for newbie because of many technical and financial terms. Thus, it is very important that you have the patience when studying these terms.

It will be helpful also to read websites and blogs that discuss stock market investing. There are also plenty of video tutorials about how to buy and sell stocks online, most of which are provided by the stock broker and mutual fund companies.

Anyway here’s a good video that I have found in YouTube about the basics of stock market. It is well-explained in Taglish version. This video was I created by Pesos and Sense TV program that was aired in the past but now have already stopped.


I wish you understand how the stock market works. You should also realize that investing in stocks needs patience and time, It is not an overnight success.

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