How to Add Funds to BPI Express Cash Card

by Gily Tenorio on November 8, 2011

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Last time, I posted a background on BPI Express Cash card which you can see here: Introduction to BPI Express Cash Card. Now, I would like to make an article about on how to deposit money on it.

In order to use BPI Express Cash (EC) card, it must have money or balance. You can add funds to your cash cards via different methods. Personally, I add funds to my mothers’ EC through BPI Express online. It is the most convenient and fastest way to transfer money from your BPI account. However, if you don’t have yet online banking, you could also do the following when adding or loading your or other people’s EC card.

1. Add funds via BPI ATM

To add funds via BPI ATM, write on the deposit envelope the card holder’s name, amount to be deposited, and EC card number. Insert the EC card into ATM slot, choose the language and supply the PIN. After that, press the “Payment Enclosed” from the menu and follow the transaction prompt. Confirm the completion of transaction and wait for receipt.

2. Transfer funds from BPI or BPI Family Bank Express Teller account via BPI ATMs

Another way to deposit money on your EC car is through your BPI express teller account. Insert your BPI Express Teller card in the ATM slot and choose the language to be used and supply the PIN. Select “Special Services” from the menu, “Prepaid Services” , and then “Transfer/Remittance” service. Choose MCE / MasterCard Electronic: 557753 type of EC account. Afterwards, enter the 16-digit EC card number you want to load. Enter the amount to be loaded, confirm the transaction and lastly, wait for receipt.

3. Load funds via BPI or BPI Family Bank over-the-counter transactions

If you don’t have an ATM or Internet banking with BPI, you can still deposit money on your EC card via over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. First, write on the deposit slip the card holder’s name, BPI EC card number on the reference no. section, amount to be deposited and account number 0011-1534-37 for BPI or 6001-0109-54 for BFB. Finally, present deposit slip and payment to branch teller for checking and validation.

4. Transfer money via BPI Express Online

Before you could use this service, your account should be enrolled first to BPI Express online (EOL) and then enroll your EC card in the Bills Payment facility of your online banking account. To start adding funds to your EC card, first log in to Click the “Payments and Reloading” tab located on the menu and click the “Express Cash/Express Money Order” button.

Choose the “Reload Enrolled Express Cash/Express Money Order” tab. A new smaller screen will appear where you should enter the amount to be transferred and optional notes. Select which account to be used as source fund and EC number to be loaded and then click the “Submit” button and wait for the confirmation message.

5. Add funds via BPI Express Deposit Machine

To load funds using EDM, firstly you must insert your EC card into the EDM slot. Choose the language to be used and enter the PIN of your card. Choose “Express Deposit” from the menu and transaction receipt option. Write your notes if you want and then select “Deposit” option. Finally, you must confirm the finished transaction and wait for the receipt.

6. BPI Express Phone: 89-100

Your account should be enrolled first in this service before you could transfer money from your BPI account to your EC card. Your EC card must be also enrolled to Bills Payment facility. To begin adding funds, dial 89-100 and press “1” for Express Teller. Enter your 11-digit access number, enter your telephone ID and then press “6” for EC. Supply the amount to be transferred with minimum of P50.00, confirm the transaction and wait for your acknowledgement number.

How To Make a Scheduled Reloading of BPI Express Cash

It is also noteworthy to add that you can schedule the reloading or adding funds of your EC card through BPI express online. However, you must have first an account at EOL before you could use this service. To set up your scheduled deposit, first, you should log in to your EOL account and then go to the “Payments and Reloading” page. Click the “Express Cash/Express Money Order” button and select the “Scheduled Reload” tab. Fill up the form and click the “Submit” button. Confirm the message that you will see that details your transaction.

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