How to Get Rich Quickly By Doing it Slowly

by Gily Tenorio on March 13, 2015

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In the light of recent events about One Lightning Corporation and EmGoldex Corporation, I just want to write something about this. All people who were recruited with these companies have one purpose in mind: to get rich quickly.

It is not that bad exactly because they have legitimate reasons why they want to get rich. Perhaps, majority of them want to buy their own house and lot. Others maybe want to buy their dream car.


However, still many people don’t know how to get rich quickly by doing the other way: how to get rich slowly. Before returning to South Korea last month, I bought from National Bookstore the book of Bo Sanchez about “The Turtle Always Win”. In that book, he illustrated how a turtle can win from the wealth race.


The book is all about four types of people investing in stocks but it can be also applied to common people like us. The turtle, even it is one of the slowest animals, can win and be rich through continuous working and perseverance.


Here’s my thought on how to get rich quickly in your lifetime, even if you’re just a normal employee in the Philippines. These things may sound not convincing but it will boost your money and financial status to a higher level.


1. Study, study and understand


Education is the key to get rich quickly. How can you become rich if you don’t have the proper education about something. For example, if you want to start a restaurant, how can you cook delicious food without studying first what your food will going to taste. You may study first as a chef for several years so that you will gain proper education and experience.


Another example is investing. Many people now are lured about investing money in an unknown companies or newly formed one without the right background on what are they doing.

rich quick

You see, investing is not only for rich people, it can also be started by you with right education on how investment works. First of all, a company should have a product. It creates money through the product it sells to the customers.


Education and understanding what’s going on around your money will give you a right foothold on your finances and will protect you from scammers. At the end, you will be richer in knowledge and financial status since you will not be fallen to a scam.


2. Work, work and learn


If you are an employee or a businessman and you’d like to get rich quicker, another thing you should do is to work and learn more about what you are doing at the moment.

For example, if you are selling something to your customers, you should work more so that your product will be superior than other competitors. You should learn to get more customers through good marketing and innovation.


As an employee, myself, I’m consciously trying each day at the office to learn new things about my work and the things that interest me. Learning new things can be challenging because of many distractions on our daily routine. However, starting is the key to get going.

Yous should set aside some time to learn new things and skills by putting it in your daily schedule. Spare a moment and do it.


3. Save Continuously, Protect and Invest it


How to start becoming rich? Starting point is by saving money even how it is small and then protecting it from loss. The simplest way to save is through the jar or piggy bank. However, the better one is through the bank which is more secure and can earn very small interest.


How do you protect your money? Don’t put it in pyramiding or unknown company. Instead use it to buy popular companies like Jollibee, PDLT or San Miguel.


But how to do it? First you should open a stock broker account for as low as P5000 through Citiseconline. Then, fund it little by little to make it big that you can buy a right number of shares of these companies.


To give you an idea, as of this writing, one share of Jollibee stocks is around P210. In order for you to buy, 100 shares you should have at least P21,000 in your stock broker account plus other fees.


It may not get you rich now but imagine after 20 years, that 100 shares of Jollibee stock becomes P5,000 a piece. If through the years, you buy more Jollibee stocks, and after 20 years your total shares rise to 10,000. How much is the total value of your stock now?


4. Give and do not Hoard


Giving is another key to become rich quickly. I believe the principle in the Bible that you reap what you sow. It is always true. You cannot harvest mango from the apple tree.


If you sow money today through good and legitimate investments, you will reap more money in the future. If you give and sow money to other people’s lives, then you will also reap money in the future.


If you sow love today through giving what you have like your talent and time, then you will reap love in the future. Will it make you richer? Definitely! It is sweet and beautiful to have more money and love in your life.


5. Don’t Stop Dreaming!


All rich people these days dream before that they will be rich. They work on their dreams and pursue it each day through hard work and perseverance.


I believe all of us have dreams and plans. If you want to become rich quickly, don’t settle for mediocrity. Start your dream by working on it. Make it happen by your action everyday.


Just a side note about scams. All of them have one thing in common: they promise high and guaranteed returns! If you will study and learn about investing from professionals and experts, they will not tell you like this.


Investing is not guaranteed and the returns cannot be calculated on the spot because there are many factors on how the investment will perform in the future. However, through past performance of the company like Jollibee, you will have confidence that they will be better in the future and will earn more because of expansion, innovation and more customers.


If someone offers you about buying an investment, ask first if the returns is guaranteed. If he/she tells you, yes, then politely decline his/her offer.


I wish you learn something from this post because it is very hard and sad to lose money from investment scams. It may take several years to recover that amount of money if you lose it. Some may invest hundred thousands or millions.


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