How to Know the Answer about your Questions You Made in this Blog


Most of us have a lot of questions about finance, investing, saving, banking and business. Many of the readers and visitors of this blog also ask many questions about particular topics they are interested at or want to know specific information. Unfortunately, I cannot answer all of these questions one by one because I have only limited time each day.

For your information, like most of us, I am also working in a company and most of the time, I am tired after the end of the day of work. It is also the reason why I publish at most 3 articles per week because of this situation so please understand that I may not be able to reply to your comments and questions.

However, to help you know the answer about your questions, I listed some tips to make your searching for the right answer easier and faster. Here it goes.

1. Use the the “Search Box” on this blog.

By entering your query on the Search Box, you will know the related topics or even the exact topic you might want to know. It is like a search engine for this blog so go ahead and try to type the topic you want to know and learn. Take note that you could also get related searches from my other blogs that I added on this mini-search engine.

2. View the Sitemap

If you want to know all the posts and pages I published, you can see it in the sitemap located on the bottom part of this site. There you will see all posts and pages of this blog arranged in categories making it easier to search for the topics you want to know.

3. Browse the Comment section

Your questions may have been answered before through the comments made by other visitors of this blog so you might see the answer from your queries from the comment page. You only need to be patient while browsing.

4. Subscribe to this Blog

Why it is advisable to subscribe to this blog? Or what it means to subscribe? Subscribing to his blog means that every time I publishes an article, you will receive articles directly to your email so you don’t need to visit my blog. Sometimes I make articles based on the questions from visitors and readers. You can subscribe by entering your email in the subscription box located at the top right hand corner of this site. You don’t need to worry about security of your email because I do not spam and I hate it.

5. Like us on Facebook

When you like this blog on Facebook, you will be updated on the current topics I am posting which are helpful and interesting. It can be anything related to finance, investing, banking, saving, money matters, frugal living, business and current events. It is simple: just click the Like button on the Facebook section and be updated.

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