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During the past 3 weeks, I had a contract negotiation with my current company since my working contract will be ending today August 12, 2012. The company just give me one-year contract last year so I need to be evaluated according to the performance I did last year.

I could say job negotiation is really tiring and stressful specially if you don’t have any option but to stay with your present company. Actually, I’m prepared to lose a job and my family have enough back pay and some savings to start with.

My wife and I are also planning several months ago on what to do after ending my contract here in my company. It gives me a big peace of mind that we are preparing in case I lose my job.

Good thing about my employment here in Korea, I have a severance allowance (similar to back pay) in case I’ll end my contract or I’m resigning. The company will give it on the next pay day after you resigned or quit your job.

Have you ever had a job negotiation before? I would like to list some tips on how to make a job negotiation and the experiences I went along during the past 3 weeks.

1. Always based your emails and conversations on facts

There are many conversations, calls and emails that you might do during job negotiations. My advice is do it based on the facts you have, no gimmicks or any false information.

You should tell your boss and the HR personnel your skills and other good abilities that you have that can be helpful to the company. It is worth saying the projects you have done before and the skills you have acquired during your employment. It maybe worth noting also your experience in your past jobs in other companies you were employed.

As much as possible, do your conversations on emails so that you have proof of what you are talking and the communication you have with your boss and HR manager. This scenario will be applicable for employees who are currently employed and even those who are applying for a new job.

2. Be patient

During negotiations, you want a fast answer or reply from the people you want to receive an answer. However, most of the time, they are not that quick to give you replies because of several factors they cannot control.

For example, in my case, I am negotiating my salary and other benefits to a person who cannot completely makes the decision about it. He needs to relay our conversation to his superior before my demands can be approved.

negotiate job

In this condition, it will take several days or weeks before your demands can be talked about and approved. Thus, you need to be patient but also you need to be vigilant on making follow-ups so that they are aware that you are waiting for an answer.

Always remember that patience is a virtue that every individual should posses not only in the workplace. It can make a big difference if you know how to wait and be patient.

3. Be firm but flexible

You have to be firm about your demands so that the company will know that you cannot accept any salary below what you are asking. However, you should also flexible, meaning, you must take considerations other things not only the salary that you will get but also the other benefits that you can receive.

If the offer is not that too far from what you ask, you should be flexible enough to get the offer considering other benefits and incentives that you can get as long as you stay with the company. But if the offer is too far from what you demand, politely decline the offer and tell the hiring personnel that you cannot accept that amount of salary.

How about you? Do you have anything to add in this article about some tips on how to negotiate a salary and other benefits? If you do, please leave your comment below. I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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  • August 19, 2012 at 21:55

    I guess the salary issue is critical during job interviews. Job applicants must bring it up before committing to take the job to make sure that there will be reasonable compensation based on skills, knowledge and previous work pay. It’s the best time to ask for at least an equal or higher rate.

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