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by Gily Tenorio on January 21, 2011

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Most of us know the basics in how to make money: get a good job that pays high or establish a good business. Sometimes we limit our thinking only to these ways.

As I search and study financial management, I encountered many blogs discussing topics about how to make more money particularly on how to make money online. So I decided to post one article about this topic to help my readers and visitors to have an idea on how to make more money.

I believe many people are looking for ways to earn more money because their current income is not enough for their present needs. It is also one of my reasons, aside from I want to have a passive income each month.

If you want to know how to make more money, let’s get started. Basically, we can divide into two categories the topic about how to more money: make money online and make money offline.

Make money online is making money using the power of Internet. On the other hand, make money offline is the traditional way of making money. Here are my lists on how you can make more money whether you have a job or none.

1. Selling stuffs in Sulit, Ebay, Facebook or Craiglist

Selling physical or digital products is the number one in my list because this is also my first venture on how to make more money and at the same time still working in a company.

It is simple to sell stuffs online. First, you should create an account in Ebay or Sulit. Second, research for a good product you can sell like electronic gadgets, clothes, or shoes. Third, post your product using your account stating basic information about it, price and delivery terms. Lastly, wait until a prospect buyer contacts you or made a bid for your your product.

2. Make Money Blogging or Making Websites

One of the most popular make money online stuffs is through blogging or building a website. It can be anything that interests you. Normally, people blog about their work, hobbies, interests, place where they live, and many more.

For my case, I made a site about personal finance because it is one of my interests and I’m a bit knowledgeable about it. I suggests if you want to make a blog, it must be your interest so you will feel enthusiasm whenever you make an article, not only for the sake of making money.

3. Part or Full-Time Tutor

When I was in fourth year college, I applied as a part-time tutor in a tutorial center near UPD. It is one of my make money ventures when I was still a student. The pay is not very high but the income I got from my tutorials really help me a lot for my every day expenses.

You can also apply for a part-time tutor if you are working and have extra time left. If you are inclined to teaching, I believe you will like the work. It is one of the jobs I like the most because aside from helping your students to learn, you’ll also earn from it at the same time.

4. Building a Business

Recently, many people are venturing to building a business especially in the area of business franchising. There are many OFWs returning to the Philippines to try and make a living in their mother land after working abroad.

Owning a business requires lot of time, money, and energy. If you will start your own business, make sure to prepare a business plan which can you can use to gauge your output in doing your business.

It will be also advisable to attend trainings and seminars related to you business. There are several government-sponsored trainings which you can get for a low fee or free.

5. Selling Other People’s Products

One example of this make more money ventures is selling Avon products or Natasha. Usually, people who enter this venture are those with many connections and good in selling.

However, even if you are not the that kind of person, you can still sell other people’s products using the Internet. Some sites that offer commissions when you sell their products are Clickbank and Commission Junction.

Basically, there are many ways to make more money, we simply need to know and discover how it works. You may study first by reading blogs in the Internet that discusses make money online and starting a business. It will also help a lot if you can get advise from friends who are in a business or knowledgeable about the venture
you want.

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iamgazillionaire March 27, 2011 at 14:20

the internet provides all of us with many options to make money online. combine that with something like network marketing and you have a winning formula. of course that depends on your level of commitment and open-mindedness.

Vic - Business Tips February 4, 2011 at 08:35

Great advices. I am also on blogging to make money online. I love blogging on topics where I am passionate of. The best thing is that I learn, I teach, while I earn.

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