How to Register Your Business at DTI

by Gily Tenorio on July 27, 2013

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Almost 2 weeks ago, I registered my first-established business at Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in City of Malolos. It’s my first time also to visit the office of DTI.

I’m impressed with DTI because of the fast and convenient service they are giving to their clients. Only few people are inside the office when I went there.

The process time of registration is fast and the people there are easy to talk with. I wish other government offices and agencies have similar service to their clients like DTI has.


Requirements You Need


In order to register your business, you have to bring two (2) valid ID such as passport, SSS, GSIS, driver’s license, PRC and other government IDs. You must photocopy these IDs in one page and bring it to DTI when you’re ready to register your business.

You must also bring money for the payment of business registration. Here’s the amount you need to pay for each category of business you may want to register:


Barangay - P 200.00
City/Municipality - P 500.00
Regional - P 1,000.00
National - P 2,000.00

You also need to pay a P15 documentary tax as a part of your business registration. All in all, I paid P2,015 for the National level.


What are the Procedures?


If you’re going directly to any DTI office, you can get an application form there and then you must fill it out completely. Similarly, you may also download the application form in DTI’s website at and fill out the form before going to DTI office.

When you already completed the form, you need to submit it together with the photocopy of your ID. The clerks will check your 5 proposal business names if it is still available and whether it is valid as a business name.

Here you need to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for processing of your paper. When you finally selected your business name, the waiting time will be shorter.


The next step will be the payment of your business registration and afterwards you will get your own business registration certificate with the details of your business.

It has the logo and seal of DTI embedded in the certificate. The documentary stamp will also be indicated in the certificate.




All in all, the business name registration in DTI is generally easy and fast compared with other government agencies like getting a license at LTO. The only suggestion I want to give to you before going to DTI is to list 5 proposal business names that you want so that you have already the names in mind that you want to register. It will make your application easy and faster.



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