How to Save Money on Electricity

by Gily Tenorio on June 24, 2013

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Electricity is a basic necessity in our modern society. Without it, it will be very difficult to live a comfortable life.

However, there are still many places in the Philippines and even in other countries in the world that don’t have electricity. These places are far from the transmission lines of electricity that’s why it is very hard for them to get electricity.

People living in cities and urban places are blessed because they can enjoy the convenience and comfort of having electricity in their daily lives. On the other hand, electricity consumption has cost and consumers should pay for it.

In the Philippines, electricity cost is the second highest in Asia, Japan being the most expensive electricity according to the study I have read. Perhaps, in the recent study, the Philippines could have the most expensive electricity in Asia.

Because we have expensive electricity, all of us should save electricity and as much as possible lessen our consumption every day. It is possible to save money on electricity because we have many options to do so today than in the past.

In this article, I would like to point out different ways to save money on electricity by giving you some practical and doable tips that I also applied in our house. I hope this post will help you to save money in the long run.


1. Use CFL or LED bulbs


Perhaps you already know that CFL and LED bulbs consume lesser electricity than the incandescent bulb. It also gives brighter light. CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp and LED means light emitting diode.

In our house, we combine the usage of CFL and LED bulbs. LED bulb is a little bit expensive these days because there are few manufacturers for this kind of bulb.

Maybe in the future, the price of LED bulbs will decrease dramatically as more manufacturers would be able to produce more of this type of bulb. LED bulb has the longest life than any other types of light bulbs available today.

It also consume the least amount of electricity giving the same or more amount of light than CFL. The only disadvantage of LED is its price.

If you have the budget, it will be very advisable to replace all your light bulbs to LED. Choose a known brand so that you have better assurance that it will last as what indicated on the product specs. Maybe you can select GE or Philips.


2. Unplug all appliances when not in use


According to study, almost 20% of the total electricity usage comes from the plugged appliances so it is very recommended that you unplug all appliances that you are not using at the moment.

There are some electrical outlets that you can turn off by pressing the off button. In this way, it will be easier for you to unplug your appliances such as TV, electric fan and computers.

3. Use flat iron on a regular basis


Flat iron consumes high amount of electricity approximately 1000 watts per hour. Thus, it is advisable that you use this appliance on a regular basis.

Iron your clothes in bundle not one by one. If you are having a long queue time, unplug the flat iron and then just plug it on when you are ready to use it.


4. Pay Electricity Bill Online


For many people, they need to visit a nearest Meralco office so they can pay their electricity bills. Although, paying your bill has no direct effect on lowering your electric consumption, but it will surely save you some amount of money and time.

For several years, our family pays our electricity bill through BPI Express online so we don’t need to go to a Meralco payment center. It is a great convenience and saves us a lot of time and money since we can pay it through the Internet.

I think other banks like BDO, Metrobank and RCBC has the same feature of bills payment wherein you can pay several bills like Meralco, Manila Water, insurance and school tuition fee. If you have bank account, you should ask your bank if they are offering bills payment and enroll your account to that service.


5. Buy Higher Efficiency Appliances


High- efficiency appliances consume lesser amount of electricity with the same performance of low-efficiency appliances. If you will buy in a big appliance store like Abenson or SM Appliance Center, you will know the energy efficiency of some appliances.

The higher the energy efficiency, the better is the performance of the appliance. It means lesser consumption of electricity. Be sure to know and ask for the energy efficiency for refrigerators, air conditioner and other appliances.

Final Words


With the increasing price of electricity in the Philippines, it is wiser to device and plan on how you can save money on your electricity consumption. There are many ways that you can do so that you consume lesser amount of energy which are listed in this post.

We cannot avoid using electricity because it is a part of our daily life. Just make sure that you use it wisely and not wasting your electric consumption.

If you have more tips on how to save money on electricity consumption, you can leave your comment below. Thanks!

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Viene Taylor July 3, 2013 at 11:50

Nowadays it is really best to buy appliances with higher efficiency . Yes , it is literally expensive but the return is a big savings on electricity.


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