How to Start Saving


Many financial books and blogs in the Internet discusses about how to save, why to save and what to do with your saving. It is also one of my favorite topics here in my blog. Actually, before I do not know that saving is very important.

I remembered when I was still a kid, I have my own coin can or sometimes bamboo bank. I normally put some left over coins I found in our house or when I receive money from my parents and relatives during Christmas.

Since I was a child before studying in grade school, I practice how to save but it was not continuous. It was stopped because of financial needs and wrong objectives.

Most people find it hard to save because of many reasons they have. One popular excuse of most people why they cannot save is because they have nothing to save. There’s no money left from their income, all of it goes to expenses.

It is true that as long as we are living, we will incur expenses. It’s part of our life, we cannot avoid it but we can reduce it so we can save little by little.

How to Start Saving?

If you want to start saving but you don’t know how to begin, I’ve listed some tips to give you an idea. Actually, you can also read some of my articles about saving to help you to save money. You can find all of my articles here: saving.

1. Change your mindset

It all starts in the mind. Changing or transforming your mindset about spending and saving money is the most important thing you should do to be able to start saving. Most of us are programmed to spend money on the things we want. We normally don’t think how to save it for our future needs because of what we think about money.

You must change your mind about spending, you must spend money less than what you earn. If you cannot afford to pay for something you want, don’t use credit card to buy it unless you can pay the bill always and on time. Don’t conform to the pattern of this world as the Bible says. The pattern of this world is buy, buy, and buy not to save.

2. Start frugal living

Frugality is not depriving. It is a wise choice on where and how to spend money. By becoming frugal, you can get the best deals or purchase you want for a car, house, gadgets, or anything that you like to buy.

Frugal living is simplicity and contentment on what you have. It is not conforming to the trend of the society. If you start to live frugally, it will be a big factor on your saving because the money that will be left can go to your savings account.

3. Pay your debt continuously

It is very difficult to start saving if you have many debts. You should pay first your debt and afterwards you can start saving or you can do both at the same time. The idea here is don’t forget your debt and the people you owed because at the end of the day there’s no sense of having money in the bank and you owed a lot of debt.

Pay your debt continuously until you become debt free. As much as possible, pay first your credit card debt because it incurs the highest interest. In addition, stop using credit card when buying stuffs.

4. Increase your income now

By increasing your income, you can have more money to pay for your debt and higher capacity to save as long as you maintain or lessen your expenses. There are many ways to increase your income like make money online, part-time job, setting up a business, and working overtime in your current job.

When you increase your income, don’t increase your expenses at the same time. It will be useless to increase income and at the same time increase your expenses.


The best time to start saving is now and you can start it by following the tips mentioned above. It’s hard at the beginning but it will become normal to you as the time goes by. Start small, it will be big soon and you will not notice it.