Investing in Mutual Fund through COL Financial


I have started investing in Philequity mutual fund last May through CitisecOnline which is very convenient. If you have your own COL account and enough balance, you can also buy mutual fund instantly.

In my opinion, this addition of mutual fund in COL account is very helpful for new investors who want to put some of their money in Mutual fund. Not all are keen in buying stocks because of lack of knowledge about the company. However, buying mutual fund can be a good option and diversification strategy.

There’s a Mutual Fund menu tab in your COL account. If you click that tab, a new window will be opened. COL will suggest several funds depending on their risk assessment on your part. You need to answer some questions about investing and they will determine if you are conservative, moderate or aggressive investor based from your answers to questions.

Although, you have the complete control of which fund you are going to buy. You are not required to buy their suggested fund but you have to agree to some terms and conditions before doing so.

I’m planning to invest P10,000 quarterly in Philequity. I wish I have started this long time ago. I made it automatic investment so that I will not forget about it. It is a good feature because they will do the investment in auto mode for a certain period of time. In my case, I have selected quarterly in 2 years to invest P10,000 each time.

I invested in FAMI five years ago but I cannot do the process in auto mode. That’s why I like this COL mutual fund investment which is fast and easy for new investors. You don’t need to spend so much time just opening an account and adding of more mutual funds in the future.

For those who want to open a COL Financial account, you may visit their website to learn the latest update and requirements. You may also open an account even if you are outside the Philippines. You can mail the application form and requirements through DHL or FedEx.