Investing in Stocks is one way to Help the Philippines


There are many ways on how we can help our beloved country. It can be simple as not throwing your trash on the street or hard, just like investing in stocks. Actually, it is not really hard to invest in stocks if you have the capability and the right knowledge on how it works.

As I said in my other previous posts, stock is the share of ownership of a public company which is listed in a stock exchange. If you are interested in investing in stocks, you can find some of my posts about stocks.

Why Invest in Stocks?

Investing in stock is one form of investment that can be suitable for your future goals. Basically, stock investing has a high risk of losing your money if you don’t know the right technique and strategy when buying or selling stocks.

In the Philippines, there is a very low percentage of the population investing in stocks simply because most people don’t have the knowledge and exposure in investing. Most of the Filipinos cannot also afford to open an account in a stockbroker because it requires a big amount of money to do so.

However, why should you invest in stocks in spite of these negative impressions about stocks?

One best reason I can give to you is that investing in stocks can give you more profit than any type of investments available now in the market. If you think and decide for a long term plan, stocks will be the winner among investment schemes available now in the Philippines.

Furthermore, aside from the gain in stock price that you can get when you sell, you can also receive dividends in the form of cash or shares which can be a good source of income if you own substantial quantity.

How Investing in Stocks can help our Country

Through stock investing, the money that you supposed to spend on other things or other countries can be used well in the Philippines. When you buy the stock of a particular company, you become a co-owner of that company giving you some privileges and rights.

Think of this scenario, if more people invest in stocks, more capital will enter the company to be used in business operations that will create more products and jobs for our people. The company can have more capability to expand its business to different areas when they have enough capital which may come from the stocks purchased by investors like you.

Creating more jobs will lessen the high unemployment rate in our country and many people will not be forced to go abroad just to have a decent job.