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May 17, 2012

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Because of the continuous development of Internet and computer technology, we have now the capability to buy almost anything in the web. In developed countries like US and Canada, purchasing stuffs online is a common thing. However, if you are living in developing countries like the Philippines, buying online is somewhat a new stuff.

Why People Don’t Buy Online

Many people are afraid to buy online because they are afraid of fraud and they don’t have the proper knowledge to do so. I believe you know that there are lots of cases of online fraud or scams especially for products selling in the Internet.

Yes, it is true that there are frauds happening online, even in the offline business, scams and frauds exist. I think the important thing to do is learning how you can protect your self from these scams.

Other people want to transact with sellers that they can see or speak directly. I believe it is another reason why some buyers prefer to purchase on physical stores since they can even test and touch the product before buying it. On the other hand, buying things online can only give the pictures and reviews of other buyers for that particular product.

Your safety when buying online greatly depends on you. I have been buying and selling online since 2006 when I started selling some electronic products through eBay. I am skeptical about buying stuffs online because I don’t know the reputation of the seller and I can’t see, touch or even test first the product.

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Tips on How to be Safe when Buying Online

If you want to be safe when buying online and avoid fraud, you should deal with the real people with real business. How can you do it? First, you have to investigate. Don’t buy products from an unknown company or people.

As much as possible, only buy stuffs from sellers with good feed backs and transaction history. eBay and Sulit provide this kind of feature for buying customers so they can decide for themselves if the seller they are dealing with are true and reputable.

Second, do not give your credit card or bank account information over the Internet if you don’t know the company you are dealing with. That’s why I highly prefer to pay the things I buy online using PayPal because it does not need your credit card info every time you purchase stuffs online. Once you registered your credit card info to PayPal, you can use it for almost all purchases you will do around the web.

Third, if you are still doubtful about buying online, you should request to the seller for meet-ups before paying for the product that you want to buy. Most of the sellers in eBay and Sulit have this service so you can ask for this one if you are not comfortable on delivering the item after you bought it.


I would say that buying online is safe but this would entail a big responsibility on your part. You will not fall as a victim of fraud and scam happening online if you know how to safely purchase products online. Some of the tips I mentioned above will help you to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


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