List of Banks in the Philippines

by Gily Tenorio on October 13, 2011

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If you are looking for a directory or list of banks in the Philippines, you came to the right place. In this article, I compiled all of the banks with operation inside and outside of the Philippines.

It is important to have a savings account or a bank account especially if you are working abroad so be sure to apply at least one account before you leave the Philippines. Below are the links on how to open an account in most of the Philippine banks.

Requirements for Opening a Savings Account in the Philippines

The quantity of banks in our country is not that many compared to other developed countries and big nations in the world like the US, India, UK and China. One sign of prosperous country is the number of banks it have since many people are saving and doing transactions with banks.

In this post, you will know the basic procedures and some tips on opening a savings account in various Philippine banks. If you want to learn the common requirements in applying for a bank account, you can see this post: Requirements for Opening a Bank Savings Account

List of Banks in the Philippines

In this blog, I wrote many topics about opening a savings account in different Philippine banks. Below is the collection of articles I published about banks in the Philippines.

How to Open a BPI Savings Account

How to Open a BDO Bank Account

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How to Open a PNB Bank Account Philippines

How to Open a PSBank Account in the Philippines

Requirements for Opening an Account at Land Bank Philippines

Tips in Applying a Savings Account at UCPB Bank

How to Open A ChinaBank Account in the Philippines

How to Open a Savings Account at Development Bank of the Philippines

How to Open a Savings Account at Security Bank

Tips on Applying for Robinsons Bank Savings Account

Guide on Opening a Union Bank Philippines Account

How to Apply for RCBC Savings and Checking Account Philippines

You can check out the procedures on applying a bank account by clicking the link of the bank you would like to open. Make sure first to gather all the required ID and documents before going to the bank so you will not have problem in application.




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