My Blog was Hit by Google Panda

by Gily Tenorio on October 20, 2011

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Last weekend while I was checking my Google Analytics account, I notice a sudden drop in my traffic for this blog. I don’t know what happen why the traffic decreases suddenly but I’m guessing it is because of a Google update. By Monday, the traffic is still low compared to the last month’s traffic and my ranking for some keywords also went down. Today, I receive an email from IBP, an SEO company, mentioning a mini Google Panda update last October 15 night time. This update was confirmed by Matt Cutts of Google from his Tweeter.

Google regularly updates its algorithm to make its search engine more reliable and relevant to users. During and after an update, some websites will rank higher or lower depending on the result of the algorithm change.. There are many factors involved why your blog might be affected by an update. One factor I think is the quality of articles you posted and the back links your site has.

This is the first time I was affected by a Google update and it really reduced my traffic to almost 30% of my daily traffic. I do not blame Google about this situation because it is their business and way to make the Internet more beneficial for Google users. I think it is my fault because I do not balance my SEO campaign and posting high-quality articles regularly. In the past few months, I only published an average of 4 articles per month because of lack of time to make articles. I’m also busy building my other websites so my focus was shifted to other sites and somewhat lose my attention to post more helpful and better articles for my visitors on this blog.

Right now, I’m thinking to post more articles continuously and regularly. I hope I could have an extra time to do it or may be to make articles faster than before without sacrificing quality. I believe this is the best solution to increase again my traffic since I already have enough back links for this blog.

If your blog was also hit by Google Panda, do not be despaired, there’s still chance to regain your traffic but it requires hard work and patience! You may start now by posting unique and high-quality articles that your visitors would really love.

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shooteX March 4, 2012 at 16:07

facing the situation 🙁

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