My Dividend Income for 2015

by Gily Tenorio on January 6, 2016

in Stocks


In the beginning of this year, I have written an article about the dividend I got from stocks I purchased for the year 2014. You can see the post here. Also in that article I have said that I will make a post about the dividend income that I will get for year 2015. So here it is, my dividend income 2015 report.

If you are new with stock investing, you may probably not know what is dividend. Actually, it is one way how can you earn from stocks, the other mean is through price appreciation of the stocks you bought.

There are few good stocks in the Philippines that pay nice dividend. One best example is PLDT. However, you must have many shares to feel the effect of dividend in your stock balance. For example, if you have 100 shares of PLDT last year and you didn’t sell it, you can get approximately, P15,200 of dividend. That’s nice money compared to the interest that you will get from savings account.

dividend 2015

Below you can see the screenshot of my dividend from COL Financial email that sent to my email every time there’s a dividend added to my COL Financial account.












In total, the dividend I got from my stock investments in 2015 is around P 2,334, slightly higher from 2014 which is P 1,523.

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