My Thoughts on How to Teach your Spouse about Financial Matters


Many family counselors said that money and financial matters is one of the reasons why husband and wife fight or quarrel to each other. Indeed, money can be a problem if you don’t have rules on how to use and spend it.


I believe that money in itself is not evil. It is the love of money that makes it evil. I want my money to grow and multiply for the glory of God.


I think all people want to have more money that’s why we work and do business. It is hypocrisy to say that you don’t need money. It is like telling me that you don’t want to eat and be alive.



I‘m introducing little by little some financial terminologies to my wife through our conversations. I’m not a finance professional but I gained basic lessons about finance through reading blogs and creating my own blog here at


In the beginning, I’m so obsessed about financial matters that my wife became annoyed at me. I didn’t blame her because I understand that she’s not interested to some of my topics.


Gradually, my wife became interested to my topics during our talks. I’m glad she understands some terms now because it will help a lot when it comes to financial decisions.


Here are some tips on how to teach your spouse about financial matters such as saving money, investing, debt and many more.


1. Talk to him or her directly


Open communication is very vital when it comes to family finances and decision about where and how to spend your money. Be sure to talk regularly about the status of your finances.


Many problems about money will be resolved through open and heart-to-heart communication. It is true that it will be hard to talk about finance particularly when you are not use to it.


However, you should tell your spouse that it is important to talk about money because it will help a lot so you could use your money wisely.


2. Encourage her to attend seminars about finance


Attending seminars is a great way to help your spouse learn money skills through the experienced speakers and teachers. Though most seminars are expensive, it will be an effective tool so that both of you learn more about money and investing.


3. Watch together TV programs discussing money and entrepreneurship


Last few years, there’s a very good TV program about money and investing called Pesos and Sense that you could watch at Channel 11. However, it is already stopped maybe because of lack of budget and funding.


It is a good program that you and your spouse could watch together. You can watch it through Youtube because it is not anymore aired in Channel 11.


4. Give her finance book as a gift


The first book I’ve read about money matters is the “Pera Mo, Paluguin Mo” by Francisco Colayco. It is a good book not only for professionals but also for common people because it is written in Filipino (Tagalog).


You can give this book as a gift to your spouse when it is her birthday or even any occasions. One book you could also give her is the Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.


Final Thoughts


Teaching a new skill or idea is not easy especially to your relatives and loved ones. In this post, I have listed some tips that you could do to help your spouse learn financial matters.


Be sure you do not force her or him to learn, like any other things, it is a gradual process. You’ll be surprise one day that she already knows more about money than you.


About the Author:

GilGil Tenorio is a blogger, a husband, a father, and an active Christian. He likes playing guitar, C.S. Lewis, Plants and Zombies and NBA. Follow him at Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. Thanks!


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