Richest People in the Philippines for 2011


Most of us are dreaming to become rich someday that’s why we are working patiently and looking for ways on how to make more money. For students, the ultimate goal is to graduate in college and get a high paying and stable job. Have you heard a kid or a person who wants to become poor? I never heard such a person who is dreaming to become poor someday.

By the way, how do you determine if a person is rich or not? The best indicator of wealth of a person is by determining his or her net worth. It is the sum of all the person’s properties, investments and all the things that he acquires with equivalent financial aspect. The net worth can be in the form of cash, stocks, mutual fund, businesses owned, properties and all things that has financial value.

When I was a kid, I’m fascinated and wondered how people become rich. Maybe it is easier for me to understand that question if I belongs to a wealthy family. Basically, people become rich in their lifetime in two ways: self-made and inheritance.

Self-made are those rich people who accumulate wealth by building their businesses and make it grow for a long time. Meaning, they got their wealth through their hard work and good investment strategies. The best example of self-made rich person is Warren Buffet who became billionaire through his great investing techniques.

On the other hand, some people become rich through inheritance. They have been very blessed to be born in a wealthy family so their parents just give them their share of family’s wealth. One best example for this type of people is the Walton family who owns Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket in the US.

Top 40 Richest Persons in the Philippines for 2011

Back again in the Philippines, maybe you’re wondering who are the richest people in our country today. I think you already heard their names or maybe familiar with them since they have been featured in TV programs, magazines and Internet sites. The list below shows the richest persons in the Philippines as of 2011 according to Forbes. The ranking is based on their calculated net worth as of March 2011.

Rank Name Net Worth ($mil) Age
1 Henry Sy 7,200 86
2 Lucio Tan 2,800 77
3 John Gokongwei Jr. 2,400 83
4 Andrew Tan 2,000 58
5 David Consunji 1,900 90
6 Jaime Zobel de Ayala 1,700 77
7 Enrique Razon Jr. 1,600 51
8 Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. 1,400 76
9 Roberto Ongpin 1,300 74
10 George Ty 1,100 78
11 Tony Tan Caktiong 1,000 58
12 Inigo & Mercedes Zobel 980 NA
13 Emilio Yap 930 85
14 Andrew Gotianun 795 83
15 Jon Ramon Aboitiz 760 62
16 Beatrice Campos 685 NA
17 Manuel Villar 620 61
18 Vivian Que Azcona 555 NA
19 Robert Coyiuto Jr. 400 58
20 Mariano Tan 375 NA
21 Alfonso Yuchengco 370 88
22 Enrique Aboitiz 310 89
23 Oscar Lopez 280 81
24 Jose Antonio 245 64
25 Eric Recto 200 48
26 Gilberto Duavit 190 76
27 Menardo Jimenez 185 79
28 Alfredo Ramos 180 67
29 Betty Ang 165 NA
30 Felipe Gozon 163 71
31 Tomas Alcantara 160 65
32 Benjamin Romualdez 155 81
33 Wilfred Uytengsu Jr. 150 49
34 Manuel Zamora Jr. 145 71
35 Jacinto Ng Sr. 115 NA
36 Frederick Dy 110 56
37 Luis Virata 100 57
38 Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. 95 90
39 Eugenio Lopez III 90 59
40 Edgar Sia II 85 34

From the list above, you can see that Edgar Sia II, the man behind Mang Inasal, is the youngest among the top 40 richest persons in the Philippines. In addition, Manny Villar is the only politician included in the list. All other people are business owners and founders of their own company.


Reference: Forbes

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    well, this article makes me even more eager to get rich….why? my maiden family name is TAN…. so i must imitate LUCIO TAN, ANDREW TAN,TONY TAN CAKTIONG, MARIANO TAN ….

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