Saving Money by Producing your Own Food

by Gily Tenorio on March 29, 2012

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This will be my first post dedicated on discussing about money saving tips. I hope you will enjoy the article.

One of the biggest expenses you may have right now is buying the food that you consume for your every day living. All of us eat every day so it is obvious that we will spend some portion of our money to buy the food we eat and want.

Because of rising inflation, food prices are also going up. Here in South Korea where I am living right now, I remembered two years ago, my family only spend $80 worth of groceries and food per week. However, today, we need more than $100 to buy the same amount of food that we normally consume.

All prices of products and services are going up. It’s normal and we can’t control it but we can make some counter measures to lessen it effects on our finances. One good way to fight inflation is to produce your own food as much as possible and as long as you can.

I know there are some limitations in doing this because may be of your present condition, your resources and other factors that you cannot control. However, for those who want to try to make their own food, here are some of the tips that can be helpful.

Our family carried out some of these tips and it saved us a substantial amount of money by doing so. Here are some of the ways to produce your own food:

1. Plant vegetables or fruit-bearing trees that you consume regularly

Planting vegetables or fruit-bearing trees is one good way to produce your own food in the comfort of your own backyard. Even if you don’t have a big backyard or space in your house, you can plant some vegetables in pots if you have limited space or may be you can try hydroponics if you can do it.

I love planting vegetables since my early childhood. It is one of my hobbies that I love to do. While sometimes other kids are playing their toys, I’m on our backyard planting some corn, tomatoes, pole beans and several kinds of vegetables. I’m very excited during harvesting time because my effort and patience finally paid off. It is a good feeling that you can get reward from the simple thing that you do.

There are many added benefits that you can get from planting vegetables. One nice benefit is you can have a free exercise/ workout as you dig and clean the land that you’re preparing for planting. Another one is you will be assure that your vegetables are freshly picked and don’t contain any harmful insecticides or fertilizers. Let’s go organic and be more healthy!

You can see below the picture of me and my son (when he is two years old) cleaning and picking some vegetables in our mini garden located at the back of our apartment.

planting vegetables with Gideon

Here you can see some of our planted corn in the Philippines. Right now, we don’t have any neighbors in our street so we took advantage of the free vacant land nearby our house. My father-in-law is the one that manages all of the planting as a way of recreation and producing some vegetables for our daily food.

planting corn


2. Learn how to preserve food

By learning how to preserve your own food, you can prolong its shelf life so you can eat it after several weeks or may be even months. One good example of preserving vegetables or fruit is through pickling like pickled cucumber. Another way is by making jams from berries.

You may need some good bottles or containers when doing this to preserve the cleanliness of the food and make it more tight to prevent air from coming in. You can learn the proper preserving of food in some videos that you can see in YouTube.

3. Make your own dish that you like

Another practical way to save money on food is learning how to cook your own food that you like. Maybe you are going to restaurants just to eat the favorite food that you like and it cost higher than when you cook it by yourself. Don’t worry the taste will be much better each time you cook because you can learn it as the time goes by.

If you will learn how to cook your favorite food, you can save extra amount of money and you will be more satisfied because you can cook it anytime you want. If you don’t know how to cook, there are lots of video tutorials that you can see in YouTube. In the future, I’ll study cooking and some kitchen stuffs.

4. Learn how to raise poultry or livestock that can give you food

OK, this tip may not be applicable for every one because of several limitations like available space and policy of your neighborhood. Another consideration that you should make when doing this tip is the budget you have because you may need to buy some materials for making your coop and chickens that you will raise.

However, if you can do this one, it can be a big help for producing your own food. For example, if you can raise chickens in your backyard, it will definitely can give some eggs and meat. Furthermore, you may also sell it to other people who are interested in buying live chickens.

By producing your own food, you can save some amount of money that you can add to your savings. If you do this for a long time, you can have a substantial amount that you can use for investing or additional money to your savings account.

Do you have other tips on mind? It would be great if you can share your thoughts to other people. Just leave your comment or suggestions below. If you find this article helpful, please like us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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