Six Ways to Learn Financial Education

by Gily Tenorio on July 8, 2010

in Financial Education 101


What is financial education? Financial education is a systematic learning of an individual on financial management, investments and money making opportunities so that he will achieve financial freedom. Financial education or sometimes called financial literacy became increasingly important nowadays due to several factors.

One factor that made financial education popular nowadays is the global economic crisis happening around the world. Crisis made people looked on ways on how to manage their finances properly and how to grow it with the least risk possible. If we have proper learning on financial education, life will be easier as you know how and where to spend and invest your money.

You can also teach your children on the importance of financial education as they grow if you already learned it. The best time to teach a child is when he is still young and have longer time to learn.

Financial education is also important on making wise decisions about where to spend your money. We are the owner of our wealth which lent to us by God so we need to manage it wisely through learning financial education. The question is how can we learn financial education? We know that it is not taught in school but we can learn it through the following ways.

6 Ways on How to Learn Financial Education/Literacy

  1. Read books on financial education, planning or management.
  2. Visit, read and follow blogs regularly discussing financial education like this blog.
  3. Join a group with a mission on spreading financial literacy/education.
  4. Read the book of Proverbs in the Bible.
  5. Look for a mentor that will teach you on financial education.
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InspInvestIdeas July 26, 2010 at 18:58

Some very good information on financial information. Safe Investing only comes about when one has sound financial knowledge. Thanks for the articles.

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