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by Gily Tenorio on April 29, 2013

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I remembered when I was in elementary, there were frequent brownouts the Philippines was experiencing during that time. It was around during the 1990s. The situation now didn’t improve much because our country has power shortage particularly in the area of Mindanao.

I’m wondering what happened to the mitigation and projects of the past governments concerning this major problem of our country. Without power or electricity, how can we do our job or how can we make business. It’s practically impossible since all of us depends on electricity, like water, for our daily, comfortable living.


Electricity is very important that we cannot live comfortably these days. It is now a basic necessity in life. But how can we secure or produce more energy and electricity for our country’s needs.

In the past, our government attempted to build a nuclear-power plant located in Bataan. However, because of many protests and oppositions from different environmental and non-government organizations, the plant didn’t produced even a watt of electricity.

The sad truth about it is we’re still paying for the loans our government borrowed for that plant. In addition, at this moment, it still incur expenses due to its maintenance even it is not in operation.

So what should we do now? Our country needs safer and renewable energy source. We need a renewable energy that can be produced or manufactured inside of our country.

solar energy


The solution: solar energy. I worked before in a solar cell manufacturing plant in the Philippines before coming to Korea. In my opinion, solar energy is the best option for the Philippines because we have manufacturing site in our own yard and the Philippines receives plenty of sunlight.

Solar energy is becoming popular in the Philippines these days. Actually, reported that the rooftop solar energy plants will increase fivefold this year, 2013.

Because of the rising electricity cost in the country and high fuel prices, some people are looking for ways on how to save money on electricity. If you’re practical and you want to save money on your electricity bill, and if you have the money, owning a solar panels that can cover all of your electricity needs in your home would be a good investment.


Solar panels last for more than 20 or more years, meaning, the cost of buying and installing solar panels will be lesser than the electricity bill you need to pay for 20 years. Moreover, the maintenance of solar panels is very minimal or almost none at all.

However, the cost of buying and installing solar panels is very expensive for ordinary family. Perhaps, richer families can afford to buy solar panels for their electricity needs.

The cost of solar panels depends on the amount of electricity it can produce measured in wattage. The higher the wattage it can produce, the more expensive it can be. Normally, one solar panel can produce 100 watts of electricity. If your house consumes 1,000 watt of electricity, then you need more or less 10 solar panels.

When I searched the price of solar panel in, the price plays around P10,000 to more than P50,000. Most of these solar panels were manufactured in China so the quality may not be that as good compared those coming from US and Japan.

Another good thing about solar energy is that it is renewable energy and a safe source of electricity. The energy from the sun is always available and it is plenty in the Philippines. It will not run out or all of us will be gone out.


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jessie May 30, 2014 at 16:25

I agree, well specifically here in MINDANAO, we experience scheduled brownout because of loss electricity supply.. I just hope they’ll start considering other alternative source like solar, though I heard that in Cagayan de Oro they are starting using solar now… Its a good start..


Gily Tenorio June 27, 2014 at 23:03

Hi Jessie, that’s good news there in CDO, we have solar manufacturing in the Phil but I think their market is outside the country. I hope government can make agreement with SunPower to install more solar panels around the country.


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