Stock News About URC


Last time, I posted an article about the Philippine stocks I’m planning to invest this year and I mentioned there the 5 stocks that I will buy little by little. One of those stocks is URC. I believe there’s more growth and investment potential on the Philippine stocks and it is never too late in investing.

Universal Robina Corporation or URC is the food-sector business of JG Summit Holdings Inc., a Gokongwei-led company. URC has many products that it manufactures for consumers in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and other countries in Asia as well.

Perhaps you know Jack ‘n Jill and C2 which are very popular brands in the Philippines. URC is the manufacturer/maker of those products for your info. It is composed of three groups:

  • Branded Consumer Food Group
  • Agro-Industrial Group
  • Commodity Foods Group

Recently, URC disclosed through Philippine Stock Exchange that it ventured out to ethanol production which is a good alternative fuel. Somehow URC wants to penetrate the energy industry in the country where oil imports is high. Ethanol production could boosts URC earnings and it can be one of the major role player in energy industry in the future.

Ethanol is produced from processing sugar cane. URC has a sugar cane plantation in Negros so raw material for ethanol production will not be a problem. In the future, I’ll be posting an article on how you could invest in URC by buying its stocks. I think this company is one of the best in the Philippines that people can invest in.