Take Care of Your Health

by Gily Tenorio on July 16, 2011

in Personal Finance


Taking care of our health is equally important as protecting our money or wealth. In addition, there are many times we hear and read that “health is wealth.” If you notice, you only change the “h” in health to “w” in order to make it wealth. Also, both has a direct relationship to each other. If you are living unhealthy lifestyle, the probability is you are also poor in terms of finances.

Tips to be Healthy

It is the reason why it is very important to take care of our health by living a healthy lifestyle which transcends to a wealthy living. In order to take care of our health, you should eat balanced diet as much as possible eat lots of vegetables, fruits and grains. Avoid junk foods and those containing too much fat.

You must also prioritize exercising every day, just the simple ones will be a big help for your health. In my case, I do push ups almost every day in the morning when I wake up.

When I am going to my work, I always use the stairs not the elevator to go to my seat. By the way, my seat is located on the 6th floor of our office. It is my way to exercise every day, simple but I believe very helpful for me.

As you know, I think it is not necessary to buy expensive gadgets or equipments just to be able to exercise. Moreover, you don’t need to be a member of a health center or gym just to make your body fit. There are lots of information and resources in the Internet that you can get to know how to do proper exercises or to have a healthy body. You only need patience to research about the method of exercise you want.

Another thing I want to add is to avoid or stop vices like smoking and drinking alcohol because it is not really healthy and helpful for your body, mind, soul and pocket! I know it is very difficult to stop those kind of vices because I have friends who find it very hard to stop. I think the best way to stop that vices is to truly decide to stop it and ask God to give you strength to avoid those vices.

Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy person is also wealthy in many ways. Even though not in financial aspect, you are wealthy enough by having a good health not only in terms of physical but also emotional and spiritual.

If you have good health, it is easier to do your every day work or job. You are not limited by your sickness when you want to do something for your career or you like to spend more quality time for your family.

In addition, a healthy individual have the more capacity to earn and save more money. If you have illness, a big part of your income may went to buying medicine, paying for the consultation to doctor or hospitalization or other things related to your sickness.

In conclusion, taking care of our health is our responsibility. You should not be lazy in knowing the healthy foods to eat and the good way to exercise depending on your preference and budget.


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